Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On this Cover of the October Black Tail Magazine:

"Phoenix and Butter: Bubble-Butt Booty Sisters Go Clit to Clit"

Now, aside from my general disparaging view of pornography, I must give them their due for headline alliteration that would impress the editors of the Daily News (fine NYC fishwrap for those who don't know). They even manage to include some fine intentional creative redundancy (<--- see, redundant).

This was displayed at a news stand with the bubble-butts on the cover obscured by a neighboring publication. I wonder, given the propensity for magazines aimed at Black men to be covered with Black women's butts, if the proprietor of the stand didn't realize that it is a pornographic magazine.

Or maybe he/she just a connoiseur of a well crafted language...

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