Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday, June 28th.

Though I certainly don't want it to last forever, but not having to work on THIS day is a glorious thing. I was going to dedicate an hour-and-half to the unrated version of Grandma's Boy, but I've decided that derserves more attention that I can spare at the moment. I need to go over a contract, decide what ubiquitous questions I'm going to ask the manager involved in said contract, revise a resume for the manager involved in said contract....oh, and decide if I'm going to sign with said manager.
The offer to sign is an interstesting one and fits into my current plan of career evaluation, but discretion is rarely without it's merits.

This morning I had a two act dream:

1) I and my classmates from grad school were at me Grandmother's house. There was a young woman there who stated she was buying a motorcycle. I offered some sort of advice which led to sophomoric joking.

2) Now in the living room I realize that it's one of said classmate's b'day (1st of Jan?). This leads to horseplay which leads into my Grandmother's bedroom which was now occupied by her "sister". I chase them out and begin reminiscing about objects in said room. This somehow led to the knowledge that my "great aunt" was a music promoter of some sort and would be working with the group Maktub* on a local tour stop. I thought it would be good for one of my NY acquaintances who's into live music to be involved in the process and tried wanted to ask if she could meet them.

(end of dream)

* Their lead singer held the door open for me and a friend at a Starbucks in the LES this past Dec.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

United 93

I think I was pretty self-resolute about not watching this movie,

yet I left the channel there once I saw it was on.

I guess it was time.

I found this story about Muslim reaction to the film.

My eyes watered for the first time during these three films when I read this quote:

"On 9/11, I was working at a high-tech firm and I wasn't wearing a hijab," Ibrahim said. "Now I'm wearing a hijab and dedicating myself to preventing people from trying to ruin the name of my faith."

I believe in truth

The Hamburg Cell

still a hard watch; interesting.

still, just an approximation on a possible, though imagined truth.

Then Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee comes on.

Earlier, I watched Cry Freedom for the first time.


addendum: AND United 93 is on.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

remind me I'm supposed to say something important here.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Lebron James quote (and bonus rant)

"I believe we have a team that can win a championship - and I stressed
that from the beginning... We just got beat by a better team".

Now, quick - count the milliseconds it took you to see the crevasse du
logique in that statement.

why do they torture these children by putting microphones in front of them?

Good news basketball lamenters, the 2007 and1 mixtape tour starts this
weekend in Coney Island.

Thank you SA, for doing as expected and ending this ASAP (well, except
for that game clock situation from game 1).

Congratulations to David Stern for successfully bleeding the life out of
the league, yet somehow managing to have the blame fall on the players.

Congrats to the players association for the lockout ten years ago that
gave the league a cliff to throw itself off of.

Is it possible to have NBA transactions without actually having an NBA

Eyes do rollll.


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