Thursday, July 28, 2005

I hate reclining chairs office chairs

Due to two back strains and having taken classes in Alexander Techinique, I now despise chairs that recline on a spring.

Sit up. You'll get more done that way.

Should you happen to need to lean back, go here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

For the Good Times

(as in "Lay your head on my pillow)

I just looked up the lyrics for this song ('cuz things can get a little indecipherable when Rev. Green really starts feeling all that soul).

This song is deep.

But I am partial to sung prose...feels more sincere in a way.

To me, at any rate.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Cartoon Network is showing stills from Boondocks during Adult Swim; along with saying that i'ts coming to air in October.

I'm led to actually believe it might happen this time.

Someone just asked me

to prepare two small foam balls for shipment to Paris.

foam balls


please tell me there's someone else in the world is stupefied by this

On this Cover of the October Black Tail Magazine:

"Phoenix and Butter: Bubble-Butt Booty Sisters Go Clit to Clit"

Now, aside from my general disparaging view of pornography, I must give them their due for headline alliteration that would impress the editors of the Daily News (fine NYC fishwrap for those who don't know). They even manage to include some fine intentional creative redundancy (<--- see, redundant).

This was displayed at a news stand with the bubble-butts on the cover obscured by a neighboring publication. I wonder, given the propensity for magazines aimed at Black men to be covered with Black women's butts, if the proprietor of the stand didn't realize that it is a pornographic magazine.

Or maybe he/she just a connoiseur of a well crafted language...

Bidpay Sucks

Make sure that, before you bid, you look at what forms of payment the seller takes.

Bidpay is the wack, money order-based alternative to PayPal.

Instead of making money off the seller, it off the buyer; but it allows fewer options. You can only choose between two brands of credit card to purchase the money order, the money order costs more, and you have to wait for it to be delivered.

It is the payment system of cheap-ass sellers.

And, yes, I've sold before and gotten hit with the charge for accepting cc payments through PayPal. If you don't want to pay that 2.5%, just say you won't take cc payments in the auctions/sale.

Just to clarify - Bidpay sucks.

Today is my first year anniversary

for moving to NYC.

(Toot. Streamers. Glitter. Debauchery)

Monday, July 25, 2005

I'm back at that

temp assignment I hated so much 2 months ago.

This time they had me coming 15 minutes earlier than the agency told me so I "prepare breakfast for everyone".

This time I succumbed to the urge to inform the lady at the agency that food prep was not listed as one of my skills. Since it was my fault for not asking if they were offering the same cash, I told her that the next time Psyop calls, I'll need more money. She replied saying that she'd see if she could get me another dollar but could not promise it. I question my worthiness of so great a feat on my meager behalf...

Well, I'm here now. The food prep seems to have been successful. It was rainy when I got here and I was wearing porous shoes, so I was expecting it to be a bad day. So far, it actually been fairly without annoyance. I guess, since I was expecting it to be crap, it's not so bad this time.

Of course, if my Fairy Temp-Assignment Godmother could give more precise information, I would've known what to expect the first time...

As always, we'll see how it goes.


I'm far more entertaining when I'm thoroughly pissed ...
("pissed"meaning "annoyed" for our British viewers)

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

i feel fat.

Gizmo was just standing in my

doorway, and I told him to "come here". He looked at me and walked away.

It was then that I realized that Gizmo is like a cat.

That barks.

And doesn't use a litter box.

Without the grace.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I have a classmate

named Flordelino Lagundino (who just happens to be on the cover of this month's American Theatre Mag).

We talk for and hour or two every month or so. It's generally actor stuff, but they're usually rather stimulating discussions. Not necessarily revolutionary stuff, but hearing stuff you already know said by somebody else can be helpful.

Hell, maybe some of it is revolutionary.

I think they'd make good transcripted discussions (the like you might find in American Theatre Mag...)

In local climate news....

I will now O-Fishully stop claiming Houston, TX to be the most humid place on Earth.

Today, when I was on the bus getting ready to get off at the ferry, there was a fog as thick that of a Spring morning before a thunderstorm

at noon

with the unobscured sun at noontime high

in the middle of summer.

Sticky to death

I was just walking on Manhattan at 8pm, wearing a short sleaved cotton shirt and thin, loose-fitting cargo shorts, and I was still dripping. Dripping like drops of sweat falling from my back from 'neath my shirt.

That ain't a metafor, that's what happened.
This is ridiculous.

Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm watching one of the many

shows on food that comes on WLIW here in New York. This one is on sandwiches. I started surfing and came back and as soon as looked up, I new this segment was in Houston. The weren't showing anything particularly recognizeable, but I knew it. It just looked like Houston. And it was.

The spot was about a place called Thelma's that I've never heard of before. The next time I'm in Houston, however, I must go. She has a catfish sandwich that has TWO full filets on it.


Damn, I miss home.

There's like NO catfish in Manhattan.


Friday, July 15, 2005

After a week full of decent amounts of sleep

and waking up at almost normal hours, I prepare to go to the Bronx to work for 8 hours with nary a hour of sleep.


Monday, July 11, 2005

At this moment

I'm sitting in my room with toilet paper in my ears because Gizmo is still barking (non-stop) at fireworks that were set off about an hour ago.

If you try to put him somewhere in the house where he can't hear them, he'll yelp on a high pitch that, I'm fairly certain, actually makes ears bleed.

Fireworks set off by geniuses who seemed to have failed to notice that the 4th of July is officially a week in the past.

Yesterday I spent time with a Chow mutt that is a third Gizmo's age, yet seems to have 3 times the sense: he actually got quiet when commanded to. I was amazed and wistful.

Small dogs are morons.

I miss Frick.

Saturday, July 09, 2005


So, Marvin Gaye go this relatively unknown song call "Sanctified Lady" that I was listening to on the ol' internet the other day. I've heard it before, but on this day I heard more...:

in it are the lyrics:

Some girls suck, some don't dare.

Some girls f^ck, some don't dare.

Why am I just now hearing this?

and you thought hardcore started with the nwa....

he musta been listining to some prince when he made that joint.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

New Yorkers continue to encourage the stereotype

Me: (answers phone with biz name)

Caller: (requests office head)

Me: One second - (remembers, pause) who's calling?

Caller responds with what I initially think is "Sid Matta". In fact he's just said "shouldn't matter"..."He should take the call".

Just the kind of thing thats going to get me a (perhaps self-prescribed) invitation to leave early.

Assholes shouldn't be allowed to use the phone this early in the morning.

must not one eat to work?

I was just looking at this documentary about pollack fishing in Alaska. It was your basic environmentalist v. industry story. In this case it was over the dwindling numbers of stellar sea lions in and whether this was due to overfishing of the fish that most likely is in your filet.

The last part I saw, a lady whose position seemed to be that the lower sea lion numbers is due to climate change made a statement regarding human needs.

She stated first that "people must work" (i.e., you need a job). Then she stated that "people must eat".

money first, then food...

But, when was the last time you tried to work without eating? I wonder how universal is the tendency to think about the "need" for money rather then the need for things that actually sustain human life. Not that I don't do it too.

Doesn't it seem like there should be a place that you can just go up and grab a snack, just cuz you need it, where money's not even a question?

Oh, wait they already got that: (insert gregarious family member's name here)'s house.

pray, eat, sleep, work

in that order


Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Why is it

only 10:26?

Perhaps if I worked in a morgue, I'd have to worry about people worrying me less.

Working sucks

Work sucks.

It sucks.

It sucks.
It sucks.
It sucks.


Sucks, sucks.


And ties suck too; them and their damned top buttons.

I should be trooping through Philly with John Kay right now,

but I'm stuck.

at WORK.

Forget universal healthcare, I want infinitely paid rent.

There's a whole lot I don't like right now - auditioning/acting, New York, most New Yorkers, tourists, me -

but the thing I'd have to say I'm feeling the least is work.

And next week I'll be begging God for some more.

So I can pay rent.

And my CC bill.

And my cellphone bill.

And my car ins.

And try to put something away toward my loans.

And try to keep some money to eat with,

for gas,

to catch a periodic film or play or music.


it's still only 10:35.

Luther sings his last...

So, being a perennial passenger on the late bus (and because I forgot to update AvantGo on my iPAQ before leaving for work Friday), I just yesterday found out that Luther Vandross finally passed.

A portion of a text message I sent someone pretty much sums up my position:

"... I'm sittin' here listening to his stuff, getting sadder and sadder. I guess I'm just at the age"...

When I was little, I couldn't stand LV (or any slow songs for that matter). That changed right about the time I started noticing girls.

I'm sick of people dying.


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