Monday, January 26, 2004


It's 1:48a monday morning.
I forgot to pay my car insurance before it cancelled.
I neglected writing down what the reading assignment for my monday class was.

And so I say: blah.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to try to just use the Willie Wells piece that I performed this summer as my thesis piece. Not quite sure how to turn that into 40 total pages of info, but I'm closer with it than I am with my other idea.

I was in Hollywood Video the other week and I saw this little kid that kept picking this little earring looking thing off of the floor and putting it his mouth. Then he put it back on the floor and went face-down to the floor to try to pick it up. Some adult-type person of some relation was with him but not noticing due to scanning the shelves for some Saturday afternoon DVD-based entertainment.
And so, once again I ask....should I have intervened?

God, please let Hollye get the Houston READ! job.

God, PLEEEEEZE let me get outta here wit my peece o' paper.


Saturday, January 10, 2004

a clothing quandry....

yet again I've neglected my dear blog for far too long. I keep having these experiences and neglecting to document them somewhere. Shame on a nuh...

Here's a recollection of something that went down last night that I e-mailed to a few people, think I"ll just start putting this stuff here then send links to the blog (exposure!!)).

- So, I go down to the my local HEB (dass dah groshree sto fuh ya'll outta townuhz). As I was grabbin myself a few hours worth of snacks, I noticed this choclate chile of youthful comportment so I catch a glance, give an internal eyebrow raise, then get back to my shoppin'. I just happen to see the young lady again and realize that she's wearing a Spurs Jersey with what I assume are shorts that don't come below the hem. Again, whatever, I keep marchin'. Once I get to the register I realize that ALL she has on is the jersey with a black tee underneath, sorta Mariah Carey-style. So as not to burden her with my inquisitive gawk, I try to go to another line and, of course she's in one of only two express lines and the other one's kinda full, so I suck it up. I noticed her doing to some semi-awkward dips to reach for some dropped paraphanalia and was really quite surprised at how she managed to do so without revealing her posterior to the general populace, though she did sneak quite a hint at the beginnings of cranny..... It was about then that I noticed a little down-pointing white triangle around the small of her back showing from underneath the jersey. And so it hit me.

She was wearing a thong.

So was I wrong for not suggesting that she might need something more substantial than a (barely) large basketball jersey to cover herself when coming out into public?

Just the jersey with no shorts seemed like it could have been just a shortsight, but the thong leans me toward the belief that this may have been pre-meditated hoochism.

Your input is appreciated.

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