Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today, I pulled myself up after lying down (not sleeping) for a few hours before trying to make a print call before making an 11a background set call.

AND manage to make the union payment that I couldn't the previous night/wee hours to be ALLOWED to work on said bg call.

Managed to get muffin and tea before boat left, despite whatever caused all the service people (nat'l and PD) to be in the terminal. (small favor?)

I got to print call and saw several people I haven't in a while, including young cat I dig from A&C, dude I did a dude play with and money that keeps booking the print jobs I don't 'cuz he all gorgeous an' sh!t. Despite chatting each of them up for a sec, managed to get in ahead of the line - DESPITE not being dressed properly for said call (definite favor).

Made call a few blocks away AT 11a, got in and set about doing weekly expenses and got dues paid....before checking balance...then checked balance...and had to change cards so as not to overdraft. Got in touch with union HQ and was able to change payment source (favor).

Met another person rocking the fivevingers. These is the summer jawn for '11 fuh sho (favoring the feet).

Realized that person I thought looked a lot like person was, in fact, that person: reconnection (personal favor).

Found out that, in fact I had enough cash in account to cover original transaction, thus, no need to have changed payment sources (financial favor) AND that the lower payment that I made instead was still enough to allow me to work for the project (professional favor).

Had long conversation about paleo-diet (sp?), dialect, "race", identity, culture (oral favor!)

Heard from re-connection about their personal nutrition discovery affected them in a positive enough way to give the strength to stand what was, more or less divorce (resurective favor).

Surprise chance to see Sacha Baron Cohen in action up-close and Anna Faris do her (changed presumption favor).

And I got paid overtime for most of the above... (see "financial favor")

Sudden boost of energy, boosted moreso by FORTILIVE (musical favor)

Coming home, sitting on bed, looking down and finding lost 8GB micro SD card!

(highly unlikely favor)

AND it was nice and cool and breezy and overcast.

Today was Monday?

My new favorite.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Evolution of Philosophy of $

While thinking about co-worker I find nutty,

(as in clinically)

I worked my way onto my position on money.

I think I hate money. I also think it's impossible to love money - people might love making money, but they don't love money.

They can't, because there's nothing there. There's no force, there's no energy. The only value (greater sense, not market) is that ascribed to it by (us).

A (at least roughly) spherical placed at the top of a decline has potential energy and, given a certain weight and relatively stable laws of physics, that potential is measurable. Launched down said incline, said rock has kinetic energy - again measurable.

One cannot take away the energy of that object - one can only displace it to other objects (impediments, air friction). Now, the method of measuring may change  or the units of measure may change, but that's just changing numbers around. Depending on the scale, the energy of that moving rock can be anywhere from seemingly infinite to negatively-near-non-existence, but it doesn't take away from the actual energy, force displayed. It merely is.

Money is merely changing numbers.


The importance of money hinges simply on our collective insistence on it. To me personally, it is unimportant. One might suggest that I give them all my money in this case. At this point I might respond that I would be happy to if it weren't so important to all the people who want it from me.

If humankind wanted to, we could have already been to Jupiter by now, free of charge.

But as long as there's one person who has to get paid, or even an expense covered,

("oh, I just need the money to cover the cost of me....")

we'll just sit here occasionally glancing at bootprints on the moon.

This week, I think I am of the impression that I can't do anything I truly love for money.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Yesterday I decided to force myself out of the house and walk around with the K10D with just the strap and the F 50 2.0. (more on that bit of adventure later).

While in the Manhattan side lower deck, I noticed a Hasidic* family - what I assumed to be a mother and her two boys, father standing near. Without them noticing, I snapped a few shots of them looking out into the bay and taking pictures.

Now, I'm usually pretty weird about taking candids of people in public. I don't want to be in any pictures without being asked first - and just taking picture of people - especially those with kids, does make me feel slightly creepy.

and then there' all my personal image rights issues.

At first I was just going to leave it alone. Thinking that orthodox Jewish people seem fairly stand-offish anyway, so why bother.

Then I thought about Leiby Kletzky.

And I thought about this family with two small boys.

I may have even thought about the quote I read of someone not being able to believe the killer was Jewish.

(what, Jewish are that much better then everyone else?)

Then I decided, as the boat was pulling into the dock, that I was going to show it to the father ( I assumed ) and maybe offer a sense that maybe there were some non-crazy people in the world.

So, I did - and there was a slight awkard moment, and another when I offered to e-mail it to him.

(which I realize now was probably just him trying to understand why this strange man was taking pics trying to get a card - everybody in the city is wary of a sales pitch).

Then I showed it to the young woman, and the other adult male with them - smiles both times.

(which I was surprised about since I wasn't sure if orthodox women were ALLOWED to speak to non-Jewish men)...

Today I loaded them up onto photobucket and sent him a message with the link.

I did not expect to get an almost immediate response:

"wow thanks a million"

My pleasure, sir. Be safe.


I don't know if I like being miserable, but I don't seem to care for being happy.

or being around people who are too happy...

Yet, I seem skilled at making people less un-happy.

Job security?

Or, maybe I'm just not happy now...

did I mention I've agreed to a job in "marketing" for the next 5 months in a full-time capacity?



I don't know what I was thinking either.

One hopes finally being out of credit card debt will be worth it.

And, yes, no acting will be done in the near future; not in the theatrical context, anyway.

Well, I don't think it will.



Sunday, July 17, 2011


I could comment on the day's, week's b-s, but I think I'll mention the meteor that I think I saw streak and then explode over SI instead.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Just stalked, wrangled and released the first Jerry of the season.

Hopefully, being 1 for 1 will suffice for the duration.

Lively lil'.....


Yesterday, while trying to confirm a hg leak in the parking lot of PathMark on Forest, there was a middle age-ish gentleman of color in a Rodeo (maybe passport) talking on his phone parked next to me. As he finished his call and got rady to leave, I went to close my door which was in his way. I did so expecting nothing more than passing acknowledgement. However, he asked me, his speech tinge with the Caribbean that's nig omnipresent hereabouts, if I was from ''around here''.

I can't remember if I told him my geographic origin, but I did tell him that I lived on the island. 

Then he seemed to think for a moment and said that, as he watched my working on the car - and I thougt he was going to say ''kindred spirits'', and maybe that occurred to him as well, because there was the slightest moment before he said he felt like we were brothers. I expected some continuation about him being reminded of his brother growing up, but there was none... 

He asked me my name, I told him; he told me his:


Then he simply stated that he hoped our paths would cross again and pulled away.


Friday, July 08, 2011



fix car or not.

take job or not.

get bike or not.

run away w/space circus or not.

a truly inciteful & breathtaking post, no?


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