Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today, I pulled myself up after lying down (not sleeping) for a few hours before trying to make a print call before making an 11a background set call.

AND manage to make the union payment that I couldn't the previous night/wee hours to be ALLOWED to work on said bg call.

Managed to get muffin and tea before boat left, despite whatever caused all the service people (nat'l and PD) to be in the terminal. (small favor?)

I got to print call and saw several people I haven't in a while, including young cat I dig from A&C, dude I did a dude play with and money that keeps booking the print jobs I don't 'cuz he all gorgeous an' sh!t. Despite chatting each of them up for a sec, managed to get in ahead of the line - DESPITE not being dressed properly for said call (definite favor).

Made call a few blocks away AT 11a, got in and set about doing weekly expenses and got dues paid....before checking balance...then checked balance...and had to change cards so as not to overdraft. Got in touch with union HQ and was able to change payment source (favor).

Met another person rocking the fivevingers. These is the summer jawn for '11 fuh sho (favoring the feet).

Realized that person I thought looked a lot like person was, in fact, that person: reconnection (personal favor).

Found out that, in fact I had enough cash in account to cover original transaction, thus, no need to have changed payment sources (financial favor) AND that the lower payment that I made instead was still enough to allow me to work for the project (professional favor).

Had long conversation about paleo-diet (sp?), dialect, "race", identity, culture (oral favor!)

Heard from re-connection about their personal nutrition discovery affected them in a positive enough way to give the strength to stand what was, more or less divorce (resurective favor).

Surprise chance to see Sacha Baron Cohen in action up-close and Anna Faris do her (changed presumption favor).

And I got paid overtime for most of the above... (see "financial favor")

Sudden boost of energy, boosted moreso by FORTILIVE (musical favor)

Coming home, sitting on bed, looking down and finding lost 8GB micro SD card!

(highly unlikely favor)

AND it was nice and cool and breezy and overcast.

Today was Monday?

My new favorite.


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