Monday, August 01, 2011


During the past three days of torture, one of my promo co-workers*, who'd already commented me on my m.c.'ing, took another moment, with some consideration on her part, to say that she thought I was being "....well....w-..wasted".

Then I took a bit of a moment to decide whether I was going to say that I knew that it was nothing I'd not heard before; show that I knew that she meant. I probably said something like "yeah". I mentioned that I don't plan on doing that particular job for forever.

But, hey, if you're great (and I mean YOU) - as long as your being it - even in a place that doesn't seem to be where it most fits or you're not rewarded with the money or notariety others that others have been afforded for similar greatness...

if somebody is getting to experience it, and your not letting it grow stale from disuse,

is that still wasteful?

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