Monday, August 08, 2011


The first time I came too New York City, I was a youth...eight or nine I guess...maybe 10?

(doubt it)

Of all the experiences had here then, the one that stuck out to me was the Atlas statue at Rockefeller Center. I seem to remember being interested in seeing the statuary, and that being my favorite.

Why that was, I don't know. Maybe because one could get closer to it that most of the other large and better known statues in the city. Maybe it was due to having seen it on a brochure.


On my way back from performing a duty of my current bit of survivalry, I passed by the statue. It doesn't seem quite as massive as it used to (of course), but something that I'd never thought about occurred to me:

while I was in grad school, I had this idea that if I ever got a tattoo, I would have the words

"Place your pain here"

stenciled across the top of my back near the shoulders*. I think this was also not far removed from the first time I had the fantasy of dragging people (blackfolx?) up out of (bad stuff, ignorance?) up a mountain.

And since that point in life particularly, I think I've always been occupied with the idea of the strong back - of being one who takes on what others cannot; how is it is...or could be one's contribution to humanity.

(Particularly for one who doesn't contribute enough?)

Well, it was in that moment while walking past that figure holding aloft the Mother Sphere that I, for the first time, ever made a connection with my preoccupation and the attraction to Atlas when I was little...

though I don't really remember thinking about it much then.

but I guess that doesn't mean it wasn't there, right?




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