Tuesday, July 29, 2008

New Ish

Came back to a brand spanking new Indian joint down the street directly across from that are two Sri Lankan joints.

A few months ago a new pizza joint opened (finally).
And our Rey opened back up after the sale of the place fell through...

If you continue about a mile down the street there's Caribbean and several reps from Latin America.


who needs manhattan.

Friday, July 25, 2008



Do you get it now?

Oh, a warning - u may just want to listen if you're squeemish.

It's more about the dialogue that the verse.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today my

father complained to every adult in the house but me about my using crushed ice he bought to ice my knee that was swollen a size larger than normal.

Hearing the second complaint I went downstairs, filled the ice tray with ice from bag that was open in the deep freezer and proceeded to leave the house in an effort to relieve the potential for the expletives that I was swallowing from turning ulceratic.

I returned with a bag of ice.

I found my nephew in the kitchen meditating in lotus position. I've no idea where he picked it up, but he kept it for a while.

I had to get in him for raising his voice to my mother, but I love that dude (as previously stated).

I've not felt this much contempt for my father since... I don't know -

since when I first left after college.

I plan to be out of this house as much as possible before returning to the-CitY-I work-iN.

Two adult lions cannot occupy the same territory. 'Twould be quite easy to find something for that final scene of Yellowman right now.

It's just strange to me, 'cuz I thought we - .... I was past this.

Particularly when I had so much praise welled up on my way here.


(chest heaving breaths)


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dr. Michel Dabaghi (1907-2008)

Known to the vast majority of us as Michael DeBakey.

Never knew he was Louisianian, let alone Lebonese.

3 months shy of 100 revolutions walking;
continued to practice almost all the way to the end.

Impressive man.


Monday, July 14, 2008

Doing away with money,

is not the same thing as ending capitialism.

The term capitalism, in the U.S., is often used to reference what is called a "free" economic market.

(despite how much government control is exacted over said "free" market)

Capitalism as a philosophy, however, could be viewed as detrimental in the possibility that it encourages efforts toward personal gain at nearly any cost...

If one were of the type to view such-a-thing as negative, one might have a certain degree of impact on a capitalistic society by ridding the focus of it - money (assuming that cap. soc. is money-based).

Money itself as a means of trade has it's own inefficiencies. In the US economy, it is currently devalued given that it's backing is market based now, rather than commodity based. One must remember that money itself has not it's face value...it represents value.

Well, one hopes it does anyway.

Those philosophical non-capitalists might assert that, had maximizing gain not been so important, U.S. banks might have kept their investments out of the markets and we'd have a more stable US dollar now.

An optimal system probably would be some combination of barter/cash. Barter, so I argue, would encourage more localized exchange.

Taking guns away from people won't stop killing....
But tying a polished rock to a club takes time.

Maybe they ass'll think about it first.

I Love My Nephew

I'm amazed at not just how he's an amalgam of all of us, but how palpably so.

It's like looking at Voltron.

He's taking over my mother's job as the household conduit - the person through him people communicate with each other. Or, more specifically, the kids communicate with father and father the kids. He is indomitable in his notion that he should actually try to prove points to the brick, rubber coated, glass-encased wall that is my father.

He goes out of his way to do everything for all of us.

And he does all this despite all the reasons he has to be bitter

Biological not involved
Bouncing around from home to home
Early health problems
How much time we didn't spend with him...planted in front of a TV.

I worry that, being a pleaser, he'll get taken advantage of...
But he get's in trouble for fighting at school. I choose to take that as a sign of standing-up-for-self.

He's growing...I have confidence that he will be what the subsequent generation is always supposed to be: greater than the sum of its parts.

He my dude. I don't believe in pride. Blessing is the only concept that comes close.

Let him be a beacon, God. Let him emit light.


I spent at least 3 Days of the past week

pissed at my father.

And I think much of that has to do with guilt over not taking over his business from him.

The sell is complete, the name has been changed on the sign. Retirement is official now. When he goes into the office now (1 day a week), he works for the boss. The first time he's had one in around 3 decades.

There is a significant part of me that feels it is wrong that he worked so hard to build that up for us, but neither of us wanted it.

Although my mom wanted it, and he didn't want to sell to her...and it was my idea to present the option of going in with her. Much like my 1 shot at permanent monogamy, that chance was given up by not speaking up soon enough.

So, anyway, I was pissed at him. May still be now. Pissed I think, because, just there was guilt of letting that pass to someone else, the feeling of him being disappointed in me was more (than) less verbally confirmed.

So. There's that.

No Ms. Denmark,



Although they did get National Costume right.

Your baloney has a first name....

Miss Universe Inc.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Honorable Mention: National Costume


I was already impressed just from the photo - thass real ish, yo. Muay thai, straight up.

Then I watched the video

Wow. Moves ain't perfect, but I'll take the effort.

Peep the visage, the visage.

Knees and elbows at the end?

(big, broad clap)

ed: turns out I sorta predicted this one.

To be clear:

I don't advocate this stuff at all,

but props to Ms. Denmark for rockin' it nappy.

Has anybody besides me noticed the propensity for hy-buh-rids to do this more than los puros?


"ya'll let her do that 'cuz she lite-skinned"

right. forgot.

exoticism is fetishism.

(work, dammit)

Yay, Miss Universe Is Relevant Again!


photos of the current crop.

I think somebody needs to check Brazil for a tuck

and do a gene profile on Indonesia.

yes. I know. I'm mean.

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