Monday, July 14, 2008

I spent at least 3 Days of the past week

pissed at my father.

And I think much of that has to do with guilt over not taking over his business from him.

The sell is complete, the name has been changed on the sign. Retirement is official now. When he goes into the office now (1 day a week), he works for the boss. The first time he's had one in around 3 decades.

There is a significant part of me that feels it is wrong that he worked so hard to build that up for us, but neither of us wanted it.

Although my mom wanted it, and he didn't want to sell to her...and it was my idea to present the option of going in with her. Much like my 1 shot at permanent monogamy, that chance was given up by not speaking up soon enough.

So, anyway, I was pissed at him. May still be now. Pissed I think, because, just there was guilt of letting that pass to someone else, the feeling of him being disappointed in me was more (than) less verbally confirmed.

So. There's that.

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