Monday, July 14, 2008

Doing away with money,

is not the same thing as ending capitialism.

The term capitalism, in the U.S., is often used to reference what is called a "free" economic market.

(despite how much government control is exacted over said "free" market)

Capitalism as a philosophy, however, could be viewed as detrimental in the possibility that it encourages efforts toward personal gain at nearly any cost...

If one were of the type to view such-a-thing as negative, one might have a certain degree of impact on a capitalistic society by ridding the focus of it - money (assuming that cap. soc. is money-based).

Money itself as a means of trade has it's own inefficiencies. In the US economy, it is currently devalued given that it's backing is market based now, rather than commodity based. One must remember that money itself has not it's face represents value.

Well, one hopes it does anyway.

Those philosophical non-capitalists might assert that, had maximizing gain not been so important, U.S. banks might have kept their investments out of the markets and we'd have a more stable US dollar now.

An optimal system probably would be some combination of barter/cash. Barter, so I argue, would encourage more localized exchange.

Taking guns away from people won't stop killing....
But tying a polished rock to a club takes time.

Maybe they ass'll think about it first.

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