Sunday, December 25, 2005

Before it's too late,

I'm making a quick entry. I'm headed to St. Louis tomorrow and there's no access in the apartment I'll be in. And that sucks.

My brother gave me his Olympus C-725. Two words: it's on (devil-ish grin).

Um. There was other stuff.... but I forgot.

Why do peanut-head, Alan Keyes-voiced negroes so dominate Fox & Friends? I just don't understand how people don't see Rupert Murdoch's perpetual inside joke. Grand sarcasm. The knuckleheads that watch it are the same one's that will complain about the content of Fox or FX. That guys a comic genius. Really.

Ok. I need to look through this script.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Rockets Suck...

And I don't necessarily mean the players. At what point did the Rockets management become such poor judges of talent? I mean this is the club that realized what steals Sam Cassell and Mario Elie were.
Now you're shipping out your good players and hoping to find good ones in free agency and via trades - and generally failing.
Then, when you actually manage to succeed (Mike James) you trade before he's even with you for a year? You had a guy that was JUST on a championship team. Isn't that the kind of dude you WANT your young players around?
And they gave him up for what, a dude that's two years younger and with two more years on his contract (psychological problems notwithstanding).

I guess it's a sign that the only times they've picked the right personnel were flukes. They got lucky. This coming June, the Rockets will be 10 full years from their last ring. They won't be getting back there again any time soon. Alexander, Dawson and the rest have no idea how to assemble talent - at least not for the sake of winning a championship. Les certainly knows how to make money and will, therefore, keep Yao Ming on the roster for the next 57 as long as the Chinese continue to send money his way. But I'm already prepared for when McGrady gets fed up and demands a trade.
Or the management, on the spur of the moment, trades McGrady, a chocolate bar, 6 pallets of IBM Thinkpads, and a Tiffany vase for a power forward that scored 30 points in one game 15 years earlier.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Random *ish (again)

If you need to replace your headphones and don't want to pay alot, try these jawns called SparkPlugs by KOSS. Big sound for little money. Ridiculously efficient little you save juice on your portable device 'cuz you don't have to turn it up as loud. Can be little tricky to get the fit right, so READ INSTRUCTIONS. Also, they block the ear canal, so maybe not that good if you have to pay attention to your surroundings. As I sit here, I'm supposed to be getting ready to head out tomorrow, but I can't 'cuz every time I start to be productive something with a banging beat comes on and I have to sit, hear, and head-nod to the glorious sound coming from these little things. If you go looking for them, don't do so at Best Buy - straight rip-off. The want more than what the KOSS asks for on their website.

I finally found a fish & shrimp joint out here on the island. To make it even better, it turns out to be a fish & bbq joint. Take make it glorious: REAL LIVE BLACK PEOPLE WORKING IN THE KITCHEN. Not that have a problem eating food cooked by the other flavors of my minority bretheren, but lakefood just feels better when pulled out of the deep frier by a cat that looks like he could be your cousin. If it's tex-mex, I prefer spanish speakers; if Thai food, almond-eyed folks; if Caribbean, well, just about any description could fit that - but I figure you get the gist.
When I opened the box everything looked well-seasoned, but that was a little misleading. It needed a shot of Tony's or something, still pretty good though. Freshest whiting I've ever had (but why no CATFISH!!!). The shrimp were a little overcooked, but the tartar sauce was realer than traffic jams during a transit strike. They also had sweet potato pie. Unsure whether I'd be making it to Grambling before heading to MO, I decided to sample. Not bad... The filling needed to be whipped more thoroughly and it needed to set a little bit longer in the oven, but serviceable at $2.50 for down-home-sized slice.

You do realize that people in New York City are actually stopping and letting strangers into their cars so they can drive without getting a ticket, right? Do you REALIZE how un-New York, yet completely New York that is?

Should you ever happen to be in NYC during the winter based holidays and want to set out to view some of the world-famed NYC holiday window displays, check out Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Ave. at Grand Army Plaza. It's not one of the more well known stores for seasonal decoration, but their windows have a sense of design that you don't get from most of the other stores.

Ok, I'm starting to feel woozy. I must go start packing now. Travel sucks. I still haven't decided if I'm going to stop in SC.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Right when I was cheering for this dude

Tiki Barber has been announced as a regular contributor on "Fox & Friends". I saw him on there the other morning and got suspicious, I just remembered to search it just now and found out that this has been going on periodically for a minute and is now officially (though not O-Fishully, mind you) the case.

Polish them teef nice and whyte, negro. You on teevee.

And while I'm in the subject, is he really that good or are defenses just that bad this year? KC had a run of like, 20 games without allowing a 100 yard rusher, and they all the sudden start letting this dude beat them 9 players at a time?

ah, well. back to this script i go.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Beck - "Hell Yes"

Iffin yoo ain't seen this video yet, make an appointment to do so. The nerd in you will find it glorious. The kid in you whose favorite character was Twiki on Buck Rogers will find it glorious.

just glorious

the video can also be found at his website - go to the "video" section,

but you need a fast connection and a speedy computer to really appreciate it.


just so you know, those are Sony's (boo) QRIO.

edit 42108: Check out "Nausea" as well. Puppets!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Byrdie Green

"Return of the Prodigal Son"


I just got my script

for Yellowman. I got a little giddy opening it up. I guess after getting the call about my travel expense check and it arriving, it's starting to seem real. I have a tendency to believe that people are going to change their minds when I get cast for something I really want to be in.

I just wish I had time to stop in St. Stephen, SC to soak up a little local flavor. I might still try.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Reason #2,342 Why I Need an Accountant

or a gf thass good with money:

SAG has apparently already sent me not only the check I've been expecting since summer, but another in October as well.

You know how many lbs. of ribs I coulda smoked with them checks?

(self-inflicted gas-face)


NOT that I'm rich or anything. I just need to do a better job of making sure I'm getting paid when I'm owed money (biz-owners and otherwise self-employed folks, signify)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

This isn't a rabbit, I'm just relaxed...

According to a program I saw on Discovery Channel, male arousal happens when nitric oxide is sent from the brain to "the area". The musculature of the penis is spongy, as opposed to the more fibrous nature of other muscles. When flacid, the penis' muscle is actually taught, restricting blood flow. The nitric causes the muscle to relax allowing free blood flow and the resulting expansion.

There are those with additional letters behind their names who hypothesize that female physiology works similarly.

Viagara actually works by maximizing the effect of nitric oxide, though there are concerns over it.

Since it is basically an issue of blood flow, the same issue can be addressed with vitamins/exercise.

Basically, you'll be happier if you live healthier. Yeah. Big news.

Friday, December 02, 2005


Last night I had a dream that I was trying out for an adventure game show of the Survivor variety. During these things they always take your picture.

Weird thing was that they were taking the pictures of you nude. I was the only one there that seemed to question this. I could understand why they wanted to see people in swimsuits ('cuz , you know, it's TV), but I seemed to be the only one questioning the need for complete nudity. I determined to defy by posing in my underthangs, but I started coming out of the dreaming depth of sleep.

Always at the good part...

Introducing Sean Edward Bennett

That's prolly Robert Edward's thumb on the side of his head. You can see his big sister Lauren's torso in the background. They're about the same number of years apart as me and Cassandra. We have a strange way of doing that on the Bennett side.

P.S: 6lbs 8oz

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

In the event that you're wondering what Brian singing in that banana suit on Adult Swim is about, click here.

Ted Lange

I missed my chance to network with Ted Lange, better known as Isaac the bartender from Love Boat, last night.

I have got get a manager.

I just ain't one for hobnobbin'.

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