Sunday, December 18, 2005

Right when I was cheering for this dude

Tiki Barber has been announced as a regular contributor on "Fox & Friends". I saw him on there the other morning and got suspicious, I just remembered to search it just now and found out that this has been going on periodically for a minute and is now officially (though not O-Fishully, mind you) the case.

Polish them teef nice and whyte, negro. You on teevee.

And while I'm in the subject, is he really that good or are defenses just that bad this year? KC had a run of like, 20 games without allowing a 100 yard rusher, and they all the sudden start letting this dude beat them 9 players at a time?

ah, well. back to this script i go.


  1. (similar to a comment you made previously) this would make more sense if i knew who tiki barber was.

  2. Tiki Barber is this ball-head dude that plays running back for the NY Giants.

  3. So like what is ronde doing with his life?

  4. Making Pro-Bowls. And hopefully not standing too close to the tiki...


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