Thursday, December 22, 2005

The Rockets Suck...

And I don't necessarily mean the players. At what point did the Rockets management become such poor judges of talent? I mean this is the club that realized what steals Sam Cassell and Mario Elie were.
Now you're shipping out your good players and hoping to find good ones in free agency and via trades - and generally failing.
Then, when you actually manage to succeed (Mike James) you trade before he's even with you for a year? You had a guy that was JUST on a championship team. Isn't that the kind of dude you WANT your young players around?
And they gave him up for what, a dude that's two years younger and with two more years on his contract (psychological problems notwithstanding).

I guess it's a sign that the only times they've picked the right personnel were flukes. They got lucky. This coming June, the Rockets will be 10 full years from their last ring. They won't be getting back there again any time soon. Alexander, Dawson and the rest have no idea how to assemble talent - at least not for the sake of winning a championship. Les certainly knows how to make money and will, therefore, keep Yao Ming on the roster for the next 57 as long as the Chinese continue to send money his way. But I'm already prepared for when McGrady gets fed up and demands a trade.
Or the management, on the spur of the moment, trades McGrady, a chocolate bar, 6 pallets of IBM Thinkpads, and a Tiffany vase for a power forward that scored 30 points in one game 15 years earlier.

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