Sunday, June 21, 2015

Ruminations on Timid Deer Ln.

While riding through a wealthy neighborhood tonight, I saw a doe and young buck with 4 velvety points.

This isn't unique in Staten Island, really. It was unique in that they were so close to houses...I'm suspicious they are being fed...

I turned around to make sure of what I'd seen/chance a second look. They seem used to being there because they were still there and had placed themselves in a bit of a corner. I shined my headlight directly in them. I moved a little closer, at which point I saw the right hind leg of the buck move in anticipation - I may have also revved to see if they would scatter, they didn't. At any rate, I took the motion to be anxious, didn't want to antagonize, also didn't want to get hit on the dimly lit, curving street. I ride away. Happy.

Now at home, I think about where I saw them. I wish the people in and near the projects had a wooded area where they might see young deer couple at night in early summer...instead if a Home Depot.

Everything that is natural and beautiful is kept to the folk with money. Beauty is a key part if humanity. There is less and less beautiful that po folk get to claim....thus are po folk convinced everything about them is ugly.

Cognitive dissonance: they learn to love ugly things...

Or maybe they just learn not to love. 

One wonders which is worse.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

what i think you should be seeing right now:

is Ruth Bader Ginsburg doing a dais interview in a smart black pantsuit,
white lace blouse and matching white lace gloves.

Graphic Enthusiam

So the New Dorp Library has a pretty nice graphic novel section.

Yes, that is hand drawn.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Currently on the boat

Sneaking a stare at a (mother?) with Bantu knots and the little boy she's with.

He's not really little, but has that squirminess belying having attained less than a decade of age.

She just took a selfie with him, beaming while he finished working on the (homework?) she was helping with. He: looking at paper, leaning on her bosom.

I can tell he will be tall with full, full face, lips & flared nose.

He looks as though he'd been hewn from Mahogany...

Or that he should be iterated by Kehinde Wiley in bronze.

and he ain't got no front teephus :)

I believe

I am past the point of mature, considered patience.

I simply don't have the energy to care anymore.

I now understand the escapist tendency of common folks.

Just give me somewhere to go where everyone looks, sounds, acts like me,
and I'll go.

humanity is done.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Dangling carrots...

That moment when you get a message via Actors Access =-O

that you have been removed from an appointment for NBC Diversity Casting :-(

that you didn't even know you had :-?

Thursday, June 04, 2015

And then that was that time,

like, and hour ago,

when you went for a walk at 2:30 in the morning and that lady stopped
you by Jersey St. and told you there was a guy looking at her from
across the street with no pants on masturbating...

And on the way back you stopped and saw the shadow move again and yelled
to him to go inside before a cop came by and you saw when and told them...

and on the way inside you saw your reflection and thought "this is the
face of somebody that strange women stop on the street in the middle of
the night and ask for help."

you remember that?

The Trade

I've just formed a hypothesis that Brits take so naturally to acting
partially due to practicing it from youth the way and with the frequency
that American youth are encouraged to practice sports.

It might seem strange that the culture that gave birth to Hollywood
wouldn't encourage it..until you realize how little Hollywood has to do
with practice.

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