Monday, March 30, 2020

It is an interesting thing

to be watching Train to Busan

and the Watchmen series,

with their themes of fear of affliction

and the afflicted

and how meek the previously confident


can become in the face of a mortality

that they can't control

(or one of those moments that show the little-to-none they had anyway)

and of world-changing cataclysms

that served as the refocusing agent

some long asked (longed/prayed) for

and whether it will make a difference


if it does, how long it will last

until the previous conceits and fetishes and dalliances

come back again

because memories die with their empires...

Sitting here, this way locking in, for word from a stranger to say,

"You're safe, go back to being essential,"


"We're so sorry. Do what you can. Good luck."

Sunday, March 29, 2020

ta-nehisi's formula

all my Lfe
Id hrd blk ppl
tell thr
blk boys and blk girls
to be 2(x) as good
which is to say
accept .5 as much.
I am currently Reading Between the World and Me. I had an idea of what it was supposed to be, but it is not what I expected.


I just opened my library app to see if there is an audiobook available to check out. 

I see that there is someone waiting to read it.

That makes me feel good. 



Saturday, March 28, 2020


Somethingsomething 'the threat of poetry is that it requires us/needs us (?) To think and feel.

And industrial capitalism (thinking something bigger, simpler, more-at-the-core) needs us to do neither'...


I'm thinking something about words and base meanings and emotions and the danger difficulty of denotion vs connotation of defining (feeling) with words.

How does one reliably and repeatedly convey emotion? And do we document emotion. What does "she was sad" mean and say?

Is emotion compatible with the past tense?

Can one talk about what was (a feeling) without what is (a feeling)?

How do we convey emotion without the feeler present?

THEY felt that then. WE didnt.

Why cant i have a pronoun general enough to refer to any possible person that is SINGULAR.


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