Sunday, May 20, 2018

"No one changes by being made to feel bad about what they do."

Friday, May 18, 2018

Love, Bootsy.

  One day, you may tell me that a non-human being you have cared for has passed away, and I may respond, "yeah, that's what they do,". If I don't then I will think it.

In this case, please don't think that this is a dismissal. It is merely a reflection of how I've come to deal with the aspect of existence called "loss". I don't pretend it is perfect.

But, at least, hear this:

To me it is a way of saying what happens when you love. You will love a being, and that will go away, and it will cut and it will hurt and you may realize that you never loved that as much as they loved you and regret never having the chance to again …(even though that's kindofexactly what you're doing in thatmoment.

You love them. And you blink. And they're gone. And they make you wish they were still where you are.

That's what they do.




Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Tariq Trotter Hot 97 Freestyle

Once, when responded to a prompt about how I felt about my Shakespeare monologue performance in class, I responded that I was still trying to hear the "hip hop in it".

The response to that was, "that sounds good, but what does it mean".

After having the advantage of reading/watching most of The Works and particularly the history plays, I think I'd say that this is what that meant.

To be clear:

YES,  I am saying that I find this AS Shakespearean AS Shakespeare.

And probably something else.

(skip to :22 for the goods)

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