Monday, April 26, 2010

Good filter stuff

blahblah (this page explaining lens filters) blahblah

Watching "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge"

While talking about a goose family, he just said:

"...8 little gosslings, that probably hatched in the past couple weeks."

Gosh. It must be wonderful to be disconnected from popular culture to be
able to let that escape your oral cavity.

No. Really.

Music choice

, apparently, doesn't know the difference between "zydeco" and "blues".

Install Android on Your iPhone 2G


Shout out to the lady that I told wasn't your typical Apple drank sipper.

I knew I was lying 1.5 blinks after I said it. Bad me.

Me: "Macs get fewer viruses because their not targeted like Windows"

Her: (nodding look down) "Well, that's part of it..."

Me: (inside brain) "uh-oh...hehhehheh"

Although, she did admit the iPhone is not the most technically amazing device in the world....then she went on to extol the virtues of how it magically goes from answering music to answering a call and the the mic on the earbud cord.

Yes. The mic. In the cord.


Mmm. Kool-Aid.


Remind me to make fun of Glynn Turman

next time I see him for Penetentiary II.

Not because of anything he did,

just 'cuz.

I would say E. Hudson, too, but he was a pretty legitimate bad mutha@Q!@%^!.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tonight's edition of chicken soup

smells like it's going well.

Deliberate attempt to not overload the pot this time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Too good for Facebook

"Dear agent, casting person, young ad "creative"(etc.)
While I may very well be funny, I'm not Will Arnett, the Apple ad guys, or whomever else it is you think is cute now that somebody showed you on their MacBook. Call somebody else - preferably THEM."

Now, when you want somebody to sell your acoutrements du conspicuous consumption, gimme a holler. I'll be asleep at a rehearsal in Harlem.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Workaround

Attempted my first pregnant-belly hug in memory last night. I attempted to hug around the bundle, so as not to damage the bundle, but was pulled into the bundle.

Which, strangely, worked.

Then it's additionally strange to hug an attractive bundle-bearer, 'cuz it's like, "you're still attractive - I think I feel weird about having naughty thoughts about you in your current state of bundledom".

Then there's the completely juvenile and unavoidable* thought: "hee hee. I know what you did to get that".

Bundles are like nature's way of confronting our acquired prudish sensibility with the factuality of sex**.

*for juveniles, anyway

**feel free to laugh at how deep-telligent I obviously think this sounds

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Nappy Sun Day

you ever wonder if Jesus brushed his teeth and washed his face on the way out the tomb?



"woo. got a little crook in my back from that thing. point made, I guess, so....."


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