Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Amazing as it might be...

It is not until JUST now,
while listening to Zo & Tiggalo's cover of ''Human'',

that I realized I LIVED this song.

At first, I thought it was just her verse,

but it's the whole song.

I am now deciding if I am required to now remove my deep, deep 20-year-old care for this s
nThat's a lot of g.

That's a lot of care.


Friday, November 26, 2010

I went to sleep

At 4a.

I'm awake at 7.

Not because I need to be.

I just...woke up.

Somebody called me at 5 fortysomething.

It started then. Why?

I ask you


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Holidays. Ugh.

I guess it's because this is always the lean time of year for me, so I can't go be with the familial units,

or maybe it's due to the inherence of my hermitish tendencies,

OR that I'm going to get cranky that people is beatin up my tms for the month,

but I do seem to get in a ''way'' about this time every year.

Maybe I just need to get up. I'm beginning to think the guy at the natural food joint was on to something with his sun/vitamin d deficiency thing.

Bonus strange: night before last, I had a dream that I had that dream where you can't find your nipples. You know that dream, right?

Bonus bonus - using fb or tms to tell people to remember the tragedy of stolen land/indigenous people on T-day is the new trite. Gotta innovate, people. Plus, that's what COLUMBUS DAY is for.

Example: consistently refer to today as "Yanksgiving" or "Ganksgiving". See if anybody gets it.

T-day is better reserved for highlighting hypocrisy of having a day of over-indulgence in a country given to it year-round.

Discuss at the dinner table for maximum effect; bringing up environmental impact of additional burden to sewage system is NOT off-limits.

(I love how I always manage to cheer myself up by the end of these things)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another item for the here-to-fore un-occurred file

My mother's baby sister could seem, at first glance, the least like her of her siblings.



(petite/tall & voluptuous)

(married with children/never married & no-kids)

(Me Phi Me / Zee Phi Bee)

But, the thought just coalesced in the everlasting ephemera of my brain-scape viscera,
that they seemed the most alike to me.

I think (myGwen) aspired to be like (the G.o.A.T. Barb). College educated, own career and such. Actually, she beat her to a grad degree. They share the same alma mater for both grad and undergrad (technically not; for all intents and purposes, they do).

They both even look remarkably like their mother, each getting a unique set
of physical traits from her...

in that way that you couldn't look at either one of them and not see Annie Muriel.

A remarkable and groundbreaking realization?


But it just happened in my head.

And made me quite :-) .

So :-P .

;-) .

? nemow evol os I yhw rednow uoy dnA

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't kill me.

I got back on the bike for the first time in a few weeks to head into the city tonight. Having FINALLY received my Eneloops, I decided to try riding with a light for a change. With an old, stretched-out hair band, I laced up a single from my Stanley Tripod (on my backpack). I decided against putting on my "alert" orange NYC Marathon jacket since it got a mite nasty at the race last week and makes me look more destitute than usual.


I consider strapping a light to the handlebars, but, since I travel with traffic, decide that the one facing the rear is really the one that matters (in other words, I got lazy)

So, happy that I've apparently missed the rain for the day, I head out and down Victory Blvd. A car comes up behind me and stays comfortably far behind, even though I try to give it room to pass. Hey, maybe it's cuzza the light! I breeze through some lights and get away from the traffic behind me.

When I get to Van Duzer & Victory, the light is green so I chug on through, except that there's a Jeep that seems intent on turning left and it is doing so despite my forward progress through the intersection. The driver at the last moment realizes that there is a solid object (me) between the Jeep and the intended direction as I brake hard (instead of swerving away like probably should have), thus I survive. I get out an indignant "@$$hole" before it starts to settle in that, while the driver was not quite properly allowing for deficiency of vehicle headlights, my dark blue pull-over was not-so helpful itself.

Bike Riding Realization of the Day: IF YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIGHT, PUT IT ON THE FRONT.

So, still feeling a bit indignant but mostly heartened by the rollicking and aptly executed track on the Le Da Soul - 20 Years of De La Soul Mixtape, I turn onto Water St. from the ferry. Heading north, a Highlander cab performs a U-turn right in front of me. Now, I've realized that I'm not as visible as I could be, but the illegal moves cabs pull really, REALLY bug me. And this time you even cut me off to do it? I go to his window and get his attention, asking if he knows that he cut me off when he performed said illegal U-turn.

His reply: so what does that mean?

My reply: It means pay more attention to someone who doesn't have the protection of a vehicle, but as much right to the street. It means value my life more than a tip.

His reaction (to whatever it was I said): Laughter, dismissive swear, drives away.

This causes yours truly to sprint to cab at next light and have his first full-fledged, non-over-the-shoulder expletive filled freak/curse out explosion including informing the passenger that he should not tip this driver and, if he does, he's rewarding problematic behavior and is just as bad. Not done, your humble blogger then follows, hooting and hollering proclamations of the cab driver's fear of him all the way onto the West Side Highway which, at this point, the vigilant bicycle rider is not even sure he's allowed to be on.


So, I continue on, fairly well pissed and thinking about what I has shoulda had done and what I had shoulda had said and how I could have gotten him the ticket he deserved had a police officer been around. I get to my destination and hear a rather nicely written piece of theater/self-discovery. I see someone come in with a wet umbrella.


Finally making it outside, I see that my bicycle is rather moist, as is the ground and the atmosphere.


My belief that I'd missed the precipitation dashed, I suit up and mount my thoroughly damp saddle to ride from  West 21st back down to the ferry. It's wet. Still drizzling. It's night.

Oh. Boy.

But, you know what?

I had a lil' talk with Jesus.

And, because of that rain, I rode more focused than I had all night before. I made it to the ferry, then made up the streets the hills didn't seem so hard and I walked the bike up to the front of the building just as the last track of the mix tape finished.

And it was scary and glorious and invigorating in that way that living life is.

And it didn't kill me.



Thursday, November 11, 2010

The other night

I dreamed that I picked out my hair at the root and the tips and it was all soft and poofy.

On the cusp of waking life, I realized that ain't possible,

and I woke up.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"I'd almost forgotten the excitement of not knowinging...

...the delights of uncertainty."

Jon Osterman

"you get to be a hero...

...by believing in the hero within you and summoning him or her forth by an act of will. Believing in yourself and your own personal potential is the first step to realizing that potential."

Adrian Veidt

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Bunny Sigler

This my first acquaintance...

I am overwhelmed.

There is, in my universe, no funkier person to have ever lived.

I have to change music now, so that I can get something done,

instead of sit here and have church for the rest of this collection.

Praise God for

ears and

feet and

hands and



Thursday, November 04, 2010

Yes, it is 3-near-fourish in the morning,

and I am making soup.

The Fall Funk (aka the Stank at the Back of My Throat) has hit, and I am determined to defeat it with nutrients and anti-oxidants.

And Thai noodles.

I finally found them by themselves.

I think they shall take the place of the ramen I'd like to find separately, but cannot.

There's probably something I should be doing right now.

: p

Monday, November 01, 2010


Whilst reading The Watchmen for the second time, I've just noticed (for the first time) that the international symbol radioactive depicts rays/waves emanating from an object.

Wow. That only took []x decades.

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