Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another item for the here-to-fore un-occurred file

My mother's baby sister could seem, at first glance, the least like her of her siblings.



(petite/tall & voluptuous)

(married with children/never married & no-kids)

(Me Phi Me / Zee Phi Bee)

But, the thought just coalesced in the everlasting ephemera of my brain-scape viscera,
that they seemed the most alike to me.

I think (myGwen) aspired to be like (the G.o.A.T. Barb). College educated, own career and such. Actually, she beat her to a grad degree. They share the same alma mater for both grad and undergrad (technically not; for all intents and purposes, they do).

They both even look remarkably like their mother, each getting a unique set
of physical traits from her...

in that way that you couldn't look at either one of them and not see Annie Muriel.

A remarkable and groundbreaking realization?


But it just happened in my head.

And made me quite :-) .

So :-P .

;-) .

? nemow evol os I yhw rednow uoy dnA

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