Wednesday, June 05, 2013

lil' mamacita & granpawpaw

Setting: walking out of the one-and-only diner on Roosevelt Island

L'Mamacita - 11-12, dark hair festooned with the loose wool of Afric cut with Carib, pulled back yet flowing with a downturned bound, sleeveless white blouse, black slacks, patent black quarter-heels

Granpawpaw - blue ballcap brown slack, navy windbeaker. You know. Grandpawpaw. Same height as she, hands-in-pockets.

•lights up as they exit diner, x-Ing DR

LM: Di-, di-, di-, did you, like, hear me?

GPP: (vocal but not verbal mild affirmative response)

LM: but what about, like, the high notes?

• they cross offstage, continuing unintelligibly. Lights down.


Monday, June 03, 2013

Get up, get out.

During the past week I have had:

  • humidity induced swelling in surgically repaired right knee
  • tendinitis on big tow of same
  • Pulled left hamstring from a trip while running
  • residual soreness in left foot from standing on bike too much during previous week

Riding the bike seemed to aid in making them all go away or feel better.

There is no better medicine than exercise even when overexertion is the cause of the injury.

All things in moderation,
but never sit for too long.

P.S. - Tiger Balm patches and stretching is the *ish.

P.S.S. - Limping up and seeing the set medic smoking, then telling him (hamstring) with his response being to point at your quadriceps is not confidence inspiring.

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