Wednesday, June 05, 2013

lil' mamacita & granpawpaw

Setting: walking out of the one-and-only diner on Roosevelt Island

L'Mamacita - 11-12, dark hair festooned with the loose wool of Afric cut with Carib, pulled back yet flowing with a downturned bound, sleeveless white blouse, black slacks, patent black quarter-heels

Granpawpaw - blue ballcap brown slack, navy windbeaker. You know. Grandpawpaw. Same height as she, hands-in-pockets.

•lights up as they exit diner, x-Ing DR

LM: Di-, di-, di-, did you, like, hear me?

GPP: (vocal but not verbal mild affirmative response)

LM: but what about, like, the high notes?

• they cross offstage, continuing unintelligibly. Lights down.


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