Thursday, September 27, 2007


there's a small rodent sticking out (of) the wall in my room.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Today, while walking west along 14th, I saw a homeless man pick up from the street - not the sidewalk, THE STREET - a spoiled piece of fruit. He considered it, then began to eat it.

As usual, I missed an opportunity to act. The grand irony being that there was fruit stand at the end of the block we were on.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Not my fight"

Vince Young in response to Donovan McNabb's most recent comments on the Black Quarterback said,

"That's not my fight to fight. Right now over here the Tennessee Titans, we're trying to go to the playoffs. I can't worry about all the other stuff going on,"

Context, is a factor...

And there are those who'll say he was wise to distance himself...

HBO had a bio-doc about Jim Brown on this past morning. I'd already heard how important the image he presented as a Black man was to him while playing. This was not an insignificant public view of life in the thick of the American Civil Rights Movement. Perhaps the most notable side effect being his and other Black athletes' public support of Muhammed Ali's refusal to report for the draft...

Well, to put it succintly:

I'm afraid Vince is living up to his surname.

(Not that I'm any braver)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Think I'm going to go hang out at the Equity Center today, maybe check out portfolios @ Reproductions...

Pretend to be an actor and such.

Monday, September 17, 2007


September is trying its DAMNDEST to suck.

There's too much to like about the transition to fall for it to be trying this hard to get on my nerves.

I find the first half of that sentence to be corny.


Friday, September 14, 2007


Not even a callback.


The general policy of 'next' would've been far more immediately accessible had I done the work I prepared to do, knowing that in that work, they would've seen whatever they needed for the additional consideration.

And I knew that.

And was told that.

And still didn't just do what I should have, which was the work I'd already prepared.

In what I did do - too much incidental, not enough extra.

And that is why I was so affected.

I am now disappointed, but not depressively so.


therefore: a call to arms

I decided yester/today should be significant somehow, so I decided to fast for the first time in nearly 13 years. It was strange that, as soon as I decided to fast, the thought of food immediately began to dominate me secondary thoughts. I was fine when I thought about not eating, but as soon as my thoughts went elsewhere, the notion to get up and eat was nearly involuntary. I was actually catching myself in the motion to get something to eat. I don't remember that sensation impacting me that way the last time...
I got to the point where I was having to convince myself to not consider any of the deals my habit/urge was trying to make with my conscious decision - and found out that my habit/urge can be pretty dern persuasive. Explains some weakensses displayed in the past....
A few hours in, I decided this wouldn't be the 3 day, complete starvation attempt from back yonder - the attempt that led to me sneaking a small handful of my then roommate's Cheerios™ in the wee hours of the second day. This is just to mark today. I started with some seltzer water, then threw back some filtered tap, followed by a flagon of the current roomie's laichee black with honey. There've been a couple of influential pangs since, but it's now settled into fairly benign sensation.
Since then, it's been mostly the plaintive consideration of the beneficialities of the practice of dicipline, when the spirit should follow the mind vs. following the body, how different it is to TALK about benefit of the fast (for over a decade) versus the action. I'm gonna go do some stretchin' and invertin' once I finish tappin' this out.

We'll see how things go when I venture out into the city later on.

Other things done for self to mark the occasion of this particular .274 percent of the Julian calendar:
  • tossed nearly $50 bucks into the wind toward my surprisingly-regular-pretty-much-annual-hey-look-I-actually-got-some-new-music annual music purchase.
  • decided to devote real-life (as much as the US $ can be considered "actual") dough toward trying life with Skype. I believe I may have found a solution to the dearth of choice involved with HotSpot@Home. At least until there's a Curve with Wi-Fi that'll convince eschew my current two device policy.

/just to be clear->HB,G\

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Glamour "Employee": Natural Hair Wrong for Boardroom...

There was a time when I was little that I thought all girls' hair was naturally straight(er).


And here's an apology from the mag's ed., issued to

I read your post about a Glamour editor's comments on hairstyles for work, and
I'd like to share with you our thoughts. First, we regret the comments were
made. The employee (not a beauty editor) spoke to a small group of lawyers at a
private luncheon without her supervisor's knowledge or approval, and her
comment — that Afros are not work appropriate — does not represent Glamour's
point of view.

Secondly, immediately upon learning of it, we sought to rectify the situation.
The editor has been dealt with in a very serious manner, and the entire staff
has been reminded of the magazine's policies and procedures for making public

Glamour is proud of its diverse readership and celebrates the beauty of ALL
women. We have responded directly and openly with readers to assure them of this
fact. We have also apologized to the law firm, and we extend the same apology
to you.

Cindi Leive,
Editor-in-Chief of Glamour

Thursday, September 06, 2007

As long as we're on the subject,

old, but good.

Daddy is SO good to us,

isn't he?

(btw, kinfolks, ya'll still got beat fuh a cheap 4GB bastards is still up DooDoo Crik w/o a paddle...or a one-button mouse)

{mellorate on that fo' uh spell}

[and the $2K eBay geniuses look ever-the-more genius-er]

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I know I'D be pissed...

So, we now see, CLEARLY, that Apple intentionally took advantage of the fervor of it's own fanboys/girls and other electro-lemmings. I wonder if they'll notice.

Most companies would start out with a low price, then go up. Yeah, Apple definitely "thinks different".

Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't intentional. Maybe it was just the result of lower than anticipated demand...

btw, Samsung had already announced a touchscreen music player. Some might like that design better.

Samsung appears to bet on blootooth (take calls through the player), recordable FM radio, built-in mic & speaker;

Whilst Apple plans to bank on Wi-Fi with the also announced iPod Le Toosh'.

If Samsung allows for Wi-Fi passthough via the BT 2.0 connection (vive le firmware upgrade), the Yepp could make an alternative for those who desire to avoid the Apple tax....

Which is newly reduced!! Che' GOP!

Wait. I'm confused. I thought the bitten fruit brand was the bloodmark of the raving liberal?

Oh, wait, no. I'm thinking of the hipster/fashionista.

Though toosh'-less, and therefore utterly uncomparable to anything toosh'ed by Prophet Jobs, I find the SD Slot (SDHC, let us hope) and Outlook sync-ing of the newest Zen quite, quite attractive.

The battle over the eyes, ears, nose & thoat of babylon continues...

New Play Excerpt

a line from a play that I'm currenly reading. The character speaking is a Western Idealized Female version of Uncle Sam:

"Oh. These Ni$$ers, umm, Coloreds, no Negroes, hell African American black fools think they got a right to love?! These idiots truly believe that they have that freedom?! Well, it seems that the United States is approaching a repetitive crisis in race relations due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which followed the good ol’ days of Jimmy Crow, regrettably. They now believe that they actually are human and get to eat from the same pie as me! I will not allow it. (Jumping up and down, throwing a tantrum). There will be NO NIGGER LOVE here, unless, of course that love will serve me. (Sinister laughter and rubbing hands together) But Negroes are weak. They are unskilled and poorly educated. So, it won’t be difficult to strip them of their hearts. They’ll just sing about how hard it is and make up a new dance to go along with it. Hah! Love? Ni$$er love?! I have something for that! (sardonic laughter; exits with the SOUND of a thunder storm, lightening flashes)"

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Foam Rubber vs. Silicon

reaffirmation of the GRANDLY obvious:

Puppet Yoda is vastly (superior) to CG Yoda.

Well....the Dooku fight is probably an exception.

Any other time, rods and gears win.

Actual & factual.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Wow...(Movement Studies Division)

Follow this link, skip to 4 min, 58 sec. in.

At some point in the past eon or so,
I figured out that artists are amazed by
other artists.

You witness somebody do something
inspiring, some greatness,

And you're moved -

and say:

I wish I could do THAT with my ______ (<-insert what YOU do here).

So artist initiates art.

So sight begets
sound begets
taste begets
touch begets
movement begets... (∞)

So goes the cycle.

At least that's one of the ways is happens.


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