Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Not my fight"

Vince Young in response to Donovan McNabb's most recent comments on the Black Quarterback said,

"That's not my fight to fight. Right now over here the Tennessee Titans, we're trying to go to the playoffs. I can't worry about all the other stuff going on,"

Context, is a factor...

And there are those who'll say he was wise to distance himself...

HBO had a bio-doc about Jim Brown on this past morning. I'd already heard how important the image he presented as a Black man was to him while playing. This was not an insignificant public view of life in the thick of the American Civil Rights Movement. Perhaps the most notable side effect being his and other Black athletes' public support of Muhammed Ali's refusal to report for the draft...

Well, to put it succintly:

I'm afraid Vince is living up to his surname.

(Not that I'm any braver)

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