Wednesday, September 05, 2007

I know I'D be pissed...

So, we now see, CLEARLY, that Apple intentionally took advantage of the fervor of it's own fanboys/girls and other electro-lemmings. I wonder if they'll notice.

Most companies would start out with a low price, then go up. Yeah, Apple definitely "thinks different".

Okay, okay, maybe it wasn't intentional. Maybe it was just the result of lower than anticipated demand...

btw, Samsung had already announced a touchscreen music player. Some might like that design better.

Samsung appears to bet on blootooth (take calls through the player), recordable FM radio, built-in mic & speaker;

Whilst Apple plans to bank on Wi-Fi with the also announced iPod Le Toosh'.

If Samsung allows for Wi-Fi passthough via the BT 2.0 connection (vive le firmware upgrade), the Yepp could make an alternative for those who desire to avoid the Apple tax....

Which is newly reduced!! Che' GOP!

Wait. I'm confused. I thought the bitten fruit brand was the bloodmark of the raving liberal?

Oh, wait, no. I'm thinking of the hipster/fashionista.

Though toosh'-less, and therefore utterly uncomparable to anything toosh'ed by Prophet Jobs, I find the SD Slot (SDHC, let us hope) and Outlook sync-ing of the newest Zen quite, quite attractive.

The battle over the eyes, ears, nose & thoat of babylon continues...

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