Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Play Excerpt

a line from a play that I'm currenly reading. The character speaking is a Western Idealized Female version of Uncle Sam:

"Oh. These Ni$$ers, umm, Coloreds, no Negroes, hell African American black fools think they got a right to love?! These idiots truly believe that they have that freedom?! Well, it seems that the United States is approaching a repetitive crisis in race relations due to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which followed the good ol’ days of Jimmy Crow, regrettably. They now believe that they actually are human and get to eat from the same pie as me! I will not allow it. (Jumping up and down, throwing a tantrum). There will be NO NIGGER LOVE here, unless, of course that love will serve me. (Sinister laughter and rubbing hands together) But Negroes are weak. They are unskilled and poorly educated. So, it won’t be difficult to strip them of their hearts. They’ll just sing about how hard it is and make up a new dance to go along with it. Hah! Love? Ni$$er love?! I have something for that! (sardonic laughter; exits with the SOUND of a thunder storm, lightening flashes)"

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