Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today my

father complained to every adult in the house but me about my using crushed ice he bought to ice my knee that was swollen a size larger than normal.

Hearing the second complaint I went downstairs, filled the ice tray with ice from bag that was open in the deep freezer and proceeded to leave the house in an effort to relieve the potential for the expletives that I was swallowing from turning ulceratic.

I returned with a bag of ice.

I found my nephew in the kitchen meditating in lotus position. I've no idea where he picked it up, but he kept it for a while.

I had to get in him for raising his voice to my mother, but I love that dude (as previously stated).

I've not felt this much contempt for my father since... I don't know -

since when I first left after college.

I plan to be out of this house as much as possible before returning to the-CitY-I work-iN.

Two adult lions cannot occupy the same territory. 'Twould be quite easy to find something for that final scene of Yellowman right now.

It's just strange to me, 'cuz I thought we - .... I was past this.

Particularly when I had so much praise welled up on my way here.


(chest heaving breaths)


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