Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday, while trying to confirm a hg leak in the parking lot of PathMark on Forest, there was a middle age-ish gentleman of color in a Rodeo (maybe passport) talking on his phone parked next to me. As he finished his call and got rady to leave, I went to close my door which was in his way. I did so expecting nothing more than passing acknowledgement. However, he asked me, his speech tinge with the Caribbean that's nig omnipresent hereabouts, if I was from ''around here''.

I can't remember if I told him my geographic origin, but I did tell him that I lived on the island. 

Then he seemed to think for a moment and said that, as he watched my working on the car - and I thougt he was going to say ''kindred spirits'', and maybe that occurred to him as well, because there was the slightest moment before he said he felt like we were brothers. I expected some continuation about him being reminded of his brother growing up, but there was none... 

He asked me my name, I told him; he told me his:


Then he simply stated that he hoped our paths would cross again and pulled away.


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