Wednesday, July 06, 2005

must not one eat to work?

I was just looking at this documentary about pollack fishing in Alaska. It was your basic environmentalist v. industry story. In this case it was over the dwindling numbers of stellar sea lions in and whether this was due to overfishing of the fish that most likely is in your filet.

The last part I saw, a lady whose position seemed to be that the lower sea lion numbers is due to climate change made a statement regarding human needs.

She stated first that "people must work" (i.e., you need a job). Then she stated that "people must eat".

money first, then food...

But, when was the last time you tried to work without eating? I wonder how universal is the tendency to think about the "need" for money rather then the need for things that actually sustain human life. Not that I don't do it too.

Doesn't it seem like there should be a place that you can just go up and grab a snack, just cuz you need it, where money's not even a question?

Oh, wait they already got that: (insert gregarious family member's name here)'s house.

pray, eat, sleep, work

in that order


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