Wednesday, July 27, 2005

For the Good Times

(as in "Lay your head on my pillow)

I just looked up the lyrics for this song ('cuz things can get a little indecipherable when Rev. Green really starts feeling all that soul).

This song is deep.

But I am partial to sung prose...feels more sincere in a way.

To me, at any rate.


  1. Anonymous12:39 AM

    as opposed to what?...sung poetry?

  2. songs are usually verse - rhymed arrangement, lines with regular syllabic patterns. "For the Good Times" begins as verse but ends fairly prose-ish.

  3. You should have adapted to my music long ago and you would know the lyrics.

    Now I guess you're gonna get into some of that Otis Redding too, huh?

  4. Your music?

    No, talking about AL GREEN not Dr. Seuss. Your getting them mixed up again.

    Say it out loud with me "Aaaallllll...."


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