Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I have a classmate

named Flordelino Lagundino (who just happens to be on the cover of this month's American Theatre Mag).

We talk for and hour or two every month or so. It's generally actor stuff, but they're usually rather stimulating discussions. Not necessarily revolutionary stuff, but hearing stuff you already know said by somebody else can be helpful.

Hell, maybe some of it is revolutionary.

I think they'd make good transcripted discussions (the like you might find in American Theatre Mag...)

In local climate news....

I will now O-Fishully stop claiming Houston, TX to be the most humid place on Earth.

Today, when I was on the bus getting ready to get off at the ferry, there was a fog as thick that of a Spring morning before a thunderstorm

at noon

with the unobscured sun at noontime high

in the middle of summer.

Sticky to death

I was just walking on Manhattan at 8pm, wearing a short sleaved cotton shirt and thin, loose-fitting cargo shorts, and I was still dripping. Dripping like drops of sweat falling from my back from 'neath my shirt.

That ain't a metafor, that's what happened.
This is ridiculous.

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