Monday, July 11, 2005

At this moment

I'm sitting in my room with toilet paper in my ears because Gizmo is still barking (non-stop) at fireworks that were set off about an hour ago.

If you try to put him somewhere in the house where he can't hear them, he'll yelp on a high pitch that, I'm fairly certain, actually makes ears bleed.

Fireworks set off by geniuses who seemed to have failed to notice that the 4th of July is officially a week in the past.

Yesterday I spent time with a Chow mutt that is a third Gizmo's age, yet seems to have 3 times the sense: he actually got quiet when commanded to. I was amazed and wistful.

Small dogs are morons.

I miss Frick.


  1. Anonymous12:27 AM

    Pretty dog.What about Frick II?

  2. charles10:45 PM

    Marvelous photography. Who is this?

  3. thassa friend.

    Frick II? there will never be....

  4. charles12:20 AM

    What does this picture mean to you? Why did you post it? What are you saying?

  5. the ephemeral surreality of past unclaimed utopia

    i posted it 'cuz I kinda like it (?)

  6. charles1:08 AM

    oh. that's unfortunate. unclaimed utopia?

  7. Carsey Walker... why you rap like that????


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