Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Fun with staring

Over the past couple of months, people have commented to me about people staring at them.

Yesterday was my turn.

I noticed the whole time I was out yesterday that people seemed to be taking more than usual notice of me. There never seemed to be any disgust involved, and I wasn't wearing anything out of the ordinary: hoodie, tam, jeans. (shrug)

I was walking through Chelsea on my way to rehearsal and, as they passed, two male toddlers started pointing at me and sing-saying "there's the clown". I would've gotten krunk with the parents, but I realized they were out with their nannies, and nannies really don't give a $@*# as long as their bratly wards aren't interrupting their conversations with the other nannies.

1 comment:

  1. yeah. that's the equivalent of this little one at school pointing to me and screaming, "aaargh! it's a monster!"

    bastards! no one is teaching them to have any class.


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