Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Adidas Ozweego

is the perfectest fitting on my foot shoe ever. I went slipped one on today and was reminded of what made my pay fullprice almost nine years ago. It hasn't happened again since.

Why can't I find a casual moc-toe boot that feels as good on my foot as the Ozweego?

I think I'm gonna just buy some and paint them dark brown.

It really is the best feeling shoe ever.

And while I'm talking about being good to the foot...

Why do women wear heels that cause their ankles to turn? Don't that @#$# feel scary? I break it down to one knee like James whenever I even think my ankle's about to give on the x-axis. And how do you walk around NYC with that on all day? And you WONDER why you're pigeon-toed?

A hypothesis: one should never wear a shoe with a narrower heel or forefoot area than one's own heel or forefoot.

Seek health not vanity.

Balance AND stability. (metaphorically and literally)

Uh, somebody call Jesse, I just wrote him a banger.

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    i have to say, my legs look damb good in heels. however, i am not in any form or fashion pigeon-toed.
    but then again, my legs look damb good no matter what i wear...sigh.

    (i spelled damb like that on purpose--you remember my roomate--desiree, right?)

    hey hey hey, hollye-eeeee wooood


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