Sunday, November 13, 2005

the Black Eyed Peas gives Southern Food a bad name

so I'm going to have to develop some readily recognizable, but wholly insulting derivative of the name so I can crack on them and still enjoy dinner on New Year's. Although it really shouldn't be a problem since I don't really spend a great deal of time thinking about them.

That said:

While BEP is quite nausea inducing as the Barney & Friends of the pop rap world, they seem even more pitiful trying to be risqué.

"My Humps"? What?

First: get a singer who can visually sell the concept of having curves worth referring to as humps.

Second: Stop trying to add to the cultural lexicon. The cool youth have a bad habit of eschewing corporate attempts to add to their culture.

Then again, I guess purple dinosaurs have to copulate, too.

No, actually, they don't (no nuts).

I'm going to start a new line of hate-wear aimed at college-aged, well-to-do, white kids.

It's going to be called Bah & Bollocks.

Then I'm going to manufacture a pop/rap group to market it called

The Wack-ass Cheese.

Haters Unite - Funk the White House (Laura would appreciate it)

PEace: ceederble

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  1. um, so can i get one of these t-shirts? and i can sell them on campus too. yay.


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