Monday, November 07, 2005

Boondock Follow-up

Upon the 3am viewing, I realized that an egregious though not uncommon (in the 80's low-budget stuff) mistake was made.

While Grandad is explaining that they're all going to the garden party, the same voice gets used for Huey & Riley. It could be a result of Ms. King having gotten confused. It could've been a script mistake during v/o taping. Whatever the case, it should've been caught. Of course if the characters were better (more distinctly) voiced, that catch would've been easier.

Alas, we'll see how the next few go...


  1. I think it was intentional... Regina King's been signed on to do both Huey and Riley's voices. I had a hard time adjusting to it as well, but a funny thing often happens in such situations... after you've grown accustomed to seeing or hearing someone play a particular role for so long, you can't imagine anyone else doing it.

  2. nah, this wasn't intentional. I knoweshe does both. her huey and riley voices got mixed up.

    i could probably get used to getting stung by bees, too. nevertheless, I ain't trying.


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