Thursday, November 10, 2005

"English is the language of success"

so sayeth the Conservative half of Hannity and Colmes.

Somewhat strange to say considering it seemed to be intended to support the need for immigrants to be willing to assimilate in France.



I don't, at all, think this dude believes anything he says. It's all pandering to the intended Fox audience.

The overall deal had to do with "the media" not being willing to refer to those participating in the French uprising as Muslim; how we must be willing to focus on Muslims since they're the ones causing all the trouble.

Aside from the general violation of what I've always been told are American ideals in that line of thought, what I've heard from the news is that those involved are mostly Black and Arab from North and sub-Saharan Africa. I was tempted to call or write to clue homie to the news that not everyone of African decent is Muslim, but I remembered that dude just says whatever he thinks will appeal to the intended demographic (and invites guests who do the same).

I wonder if, during Vietnam or Watergate or the entirety of the 80's, the words "end of the American empire" were thrown around much.


  1. notice how serious matters don't receive comments?

  2. You're right, not everyone of African descent is Muslim, but if you check the stas on the countries of North Africa you'll find that a Islam is the majority religion. Now, whether those who leave do so because they are not Muslim and feel persecuted or whether they leave for other reasons, or whether the people in the suburbs of Paris actually are one religion over another...all speculation. If they grew up in the countries of North Africa, however, they more than likely grew up in a Muslim society (unlike here where religion isn't part of society at all...wait, I can't even type that with a straight face.)

  3. ...and we have a winner! thanks, rei, for having something real to say!

  4. I am aware that most of the countries of north Africa are predominately Arab and Muslim. However, not all African immigrants in France are from that part of Africa.

  5. Anonymous5:39 PM

    perhaps when u say something serious, you say it with a completeness that doesn't necessarily need co-signing.

    does commenting on the lack of response to serious posts constitute a comment?


  6. since we are being so specific, it was an observation.

  7. perhaps when "observing" what others are not doing, you should think about looking into what you are doing. I seem to recall an alert to an "unrelated post" hmmm.

    "Be the change that you want to see in the world."
    -M.K. Ghandi

  8. um, carsey. you know people who take small things waaaay too seriously! wow!

  9. Oh, don't mind them. Just a couple Repubs mad at losing all them goobnatorial races.


  10. Anonymous6:52 AM



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