Sunday, November 06, 2005

Boondocks Cartoon Review: First Episode

First Segment

"Hush nigger" was funny.

John Witherspoon is only sorta getting on my nerves at this point.

Regina King's voicing is NOT working. Who made that decision. Why would you make that decision?

The jokes seem to be a bit over-the-head-with-a-blunt-object for my taste. Part of what's funny on the strip is that you CAN'T say "nigger", or certain other things. @$%@# makes it funny. (d@mn, it)

Second Segment

"I think the 'n' word is ok if they say it," was funny

Charlie Murphy voices a white dude: funny, but he could've been used on a better character. Neverthelss, Charlie Murphy talking - anytime - is hilarious.


First ep's are usually sort of dragged down by plot setup, but there wasn't much here. Still series can improve as they move into the third week, so I'll reserve judgement.

Of what I've seen so far, however, I ain't real enthused.

So they said nigger a lot. I can go and hear that !$!# in damn near any public school 8th grade homeroom.


  1. i wasn't impressed, either. i will continue to watch, though, because i have hopes that it will get better. is he still gonna continue the strip?

    john witherspoon was the least of my woes. regina king sounded like a chick, which she is. ...didn't work for me. charlie murphy...although hilarious, does not make a good white boy. is the point that the white boy is supposed to be "thugged out?" if not, what's the point?

    all in all, i agree that nothing was mindblowing, but things should improve.

  2. I can post from my PDA!


  3. Ya boy, K Knighten5:07 PM

    i thought the show was decent. not haha funny (other than the "don't trust them niggas" musical interlude. that was lowbrow comedy at its finest) but it was chuckleworthy. i typically don't watch any show checking for mistakes so sometimes i miss those. but i gotta co-sign on the regina king thing. i'm going to need someone else to voice huey. mos def, chris rock, me, i don't care. regina king is just not doing it for me.


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