Monday, November 22, 2004

What's wrong with this picture....

Below is a political cartoon. Please read the whole thing and give your immediate reaction by clicking on Comment.


  1. Alright, first of all, once I read the top and realized it was Condoleeza Rice I couldn't stop laughing. I thought I was gonna have an aneurysm. Prior to the laugh induced brain hemorrhage I was feeling a spot of Black Rage settling in. The seemingly uneducated, barefooted black female nursing one of several children...yes indeed, I was reverting back to my days of Jayson X fighting the inequality of my racist, oppressive high school.

    But C, Condoleeza Rice is setting herself up for this type of humor. She's all but "sucking the proverbial presidential knob." Whether she's black or not, she's the worst kind of politician in that she supports, defends, and takes responsibility for a less than mediocre president. Her involvement in this coverup is absolute and she keeps on playing dumb even after it's obvious to the world it's a cover up.

    If she was white, that picture would have still been funny. I think you're barking up the wrong tree here. If this was an attempt to rile the black community or was supposed to be blatantly racist...the artist failed. If he was trying to show Condi as an "Uncle Tom" figure playing the 'yessah' role in the inner-government......he hit the nail all up on top of the head.

  2. I get that C. Rice sold her soul for less than a jelly roll, but the comic was still straight-up disrespectful. She's just "misguided." : ) I do not carry my "blackness" on my shoulders, but that's messed up! Disagree with her politics and butt-kissin' all day; but she's still an educated woman, not a mammy! This just reinforces the reality that "we's still looked at as 'educated niggers!'"

  3. by the way...where is YOUR commentary, carsey!?!?!?!?!?

  4. I have to disagree. I don't think her education or status should cushion the reality of what she's done or what she's doing in the Bush House. We want respect and equality as a people but we excuse those who, unfortunately, represent us most because they're educated? That type of thinking makes us a part of the problem. How many educated Blacks take a stand daily to do what's right for their country, their family, and their race? More than a few. How many are rubbing elbows with George Bush? Well, one less now that Colin is resigning. I say we can't be offended by that depiction. Until she helps to undo this major screw-job done to the country she is as pathetic and worthless as the woman in that picture. No sympathy for Condoleeza.

  5. well...your reality is different from mine! i don't know many educated black people who are actively uplifting the race. they are simply focused on getting their bills paid.

    based on our history, i say it ain't cool whether she's a screwed up person, or not. it's not okay for us to be referred to in this manner, period! am i outraged? nope. i just think it's messed up, and a sad display. we have supposedly come so far, yet not far at all! it wouldn't be cool even if she was hispanic (peace to the fam), and they had her holding a broom, chasing chickens, or making tamales. do i care about condoleeza? nope. ...but maybe we need to ponder whether she's doing any more harm than certain rappers, or other members of our community who do things EVERYDAY to hold each other down. we could all stand to check ourselves.

    saul williams...kickin' the truth to the youth (and any elderly people that show up)! we saw him 2 days ago, and i was impressed. couldn't find a reason to hate, carsey! : )

    again...i ask where carsey is because he sent me a message that said, "everywhere," but i don't see his comments on this. bring it on, carse! share YOUR thoughts with us. this IS your blog, ain't it? you posted this because you had some feelings about it, obviously. : )

  6. by the made valid points. i am in no way trying to undermine your views. we just have different realities, i guess. paz!

  7. I think C is just sitting, biding his time before he jumps in. I don't feel that your undermining me at all. I know that I have a slightly less forgiving point of view than other people. I think it comes from first hand experiences on both sides of poorly played racial scenarios. My beliefs don't allow me to see in shades of color, only absolute hues. Integrity shouldn't be on a sliding scale. For that matter, it may seem I'm persecuting her and defending the artist, when in fact both the artist and the subject are flawed. And you can call me Jayson.

  8. Anonymous3:45 PM

    Awww... that's cute. You guys made friends!

  9. Anonymous9:42 AM

    Hey, she's got a job 2 do, if she didn't do it, someone else would. It's also a job she believes in. Regardless of how anyone feels about her, her opinions and choices are just that, her own.
    Now, don't get it twisted, I'm not feeling her in the least, but I do respect her as an educated individual.


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