Monday, November 15, 2004

Roxanne Shante became a doctor??!?!

The below is signature from the message boards (billyshakespeare). I've GOT to verify this. If true, why the hell hadn't I heard this (C. Powell commentrary to come later).

“Um when I decided that I no longer, when Roxanne Shante no longer wanted to make records…I signed with Warner Elektra Atlantic…and part of my contract, they put like what they called a bonus clause, was that they would pay for my education because I was so young. So they felt like ’Ohhhh yeah throw it in there, I mean come on, she’s 15. She’s already had a baby. You know she’s probably just gonna go back and get a GED if anything.’ And I recalled that, I remembered, and I said you know what, I’m going to school. And every body was like ‘All Shante, don’t do that right now. You’re at the peak of your career. You shouldn’t leave. You’re really popular…If you leave now people gone forget about you da da da.’ I said, good I want them to forget about me because I’m gonna forget about them. So I left.

So now they said, ‘where you gonna go to school’, I told them and they said ‘okay fine, go.’ Cuz they figured I would do one semester and it would get too hard, and I would eventually leave. And I SOCKED it to em, PhD!! Went all the way to Cornell Medical. And what they started doing is, they started actually sending me letters like ‘Well how long, when is your expected date to stop pursuing your education.’ Because they knew that they could not withdraw the clause

So they figured that I would, you know and I socked it to them. I socked it to them for over $175,000 worth of education.

Who needs a royalty check!!!”


  1. I see where you can post anonymously now. I STOOPID!

    Anyway, Roxanne Shante has been a psychologist for many years now.

  2. Anonymous12:18 AM

    Yeah, I thought everyone knew that! (heeheehee Jr. will never figure out who this is. I'm so clever. I'm a Mr. Clever Smartypants!)


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