Sunday, November 28, 2004

Tag Team started southern hip-hop?

So, I'm watching one of VH-1's little best-of/worst-of lists (their version of reality TV shows - cheap and quick). This particular iteration is "100 greatest one hit wonders".
They get to number 97 and it's Tag Teams classic whoomp there it is (the lack of capitalization is very on purpose). During its heyday, and about 4 years afterward, I would refuse to remain within earshot of this song. I never liked it. I admit to having liked ice, ice baby when I was little (I came to my senses later). I, however, have recognized the utter garbageness of Tag Team’s little moneymaker as soon as it came out (if only more others had as well...).
Now, after a decade, it rings merely innocuous - so I let the channel stay on while I browsed the Internet. During this segment, a requisite Negro woman named Danyel Smith was recruited to give insight into why this song was ever so great. Her first insight was that the great thing about it was that, no matter who you are, when you heard the song you had to dance (or leave swearing as was the case with me). Lastly this genius declared that current down south rappers should recognize Tag Team as one of the founders of southern hip hop!!!


First of damn all, I'm fairly certain the Geto Boys had gotten things underway for southern hip hop a couple of years prior to the release of this little ditty. OutKast, if I'm not mistaken, released a little collection of songs around '92 or so. Plus, I didn't realize that whoomp, such and so forth was hip-hop. I thought it was a party song or that it came under the special category of southeast bass music!? If it counts as hip hop, then 2live Crew spoke for the South since the late 80's (yes, Danyel, Florida is located in the South, though I hope beyond hope that 2live crew does not speak for hip-hop).
Stupid commentary makes me tired. It's my fault for turning on the tv.

BTW: 95 South's version was better. Well, it hit harder anyway. I'm not sure that modifiers with positive connotations can really be applied here...


  1. i would have to agree that "WHOOT, there it is" is the one that was bangin'. that one had the "boy, looka here" segment.

    hello, carsey! danyel smith works for vibe! she knows EVERYTHING! (note: sarcasm)

  2. Anonymous1:58 AM

    i'll third that on da 95 south verzion...

  3. "I didn't realize that Whoomp, such and so forth was hip-hop." I miss that subtle and dry sarcasm. I think you're forgetting one thing...the source. No not the periodical in which I haven't picked up since the days of marriage to the wanna-be video girl. I'm talking about VH-1. If you missed their Hip Hop Honors Awards, you'll understand that VH-1 is hip hopically challenged. First of all, I love East Coast flavor, but the entire show was East Coast but pioneers such as Russell Simmons and L.L. were not even present. (WTF) Also, the Beastie Boys presented, performed, collaberated, and just basically hung out on the stage with microphones. I saw them more than I saw the host, (another strike) Vivica A. Had-Some-Surgery. Answer me this, why would a sister who was aging as well as she was go out and mess up her mouF the way she has? So C, not to steal your thread, but this should not have been a surprise.


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