Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Once.... and Only Once Child of Destiny

Michelle has solidified her place as the next former Destiny's chile...

I know there's still two people who haven't seen it, so click here for the evidence.

Notice the look on Kelly's face: she seen this before and is again glad it ain't her....

BTW: With straight hair Beyonce looks like Nicole Richie. Kelly just looks like she'll do whatever she's told...


  1. Beyonce is the boss, Kelly is a tool, and Michelle who?

    Here are some lyrics to Michelle's next single:

    "I heard...a word...and they said that I's was FI-RED!"

    She better quit the rump-shakin' and find her way back to Jesus! Those broads SCOFFED at her, and kept it movin'! That's how it is in the biz!

  2. Hey, watch it, y'all. I love Michelle.


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