Sunday, February 19, 2006

What are the models for?

So, I'm watching the All-Star game and it's halftime, which means it's time for the half-time show. Now, for some reason, Destiny's Child - Houston's most popular musical act to date - performed the U.S. national anthem instead of at halftime...puzzling.

So, halftime starts with that country starlet that you can periodically find warbling in Hershey's commercials on Adult Swim. She was surrounded by a crowd of what appeared to be young persons chosen from the audience and given All-Star apparel; fake, but excusable.

Then comes one John Legend... now, I would think that you'd choose a slightly less loungy act than John Legend, but whatever. So he's playin' & sangin', and I look in the little crowd of people around his stage and realize that they're all young women. Then I realize that they're all model/video girl types.

  1. Why do you need to do this?
  2. Why with all women? You didn't do all men for ol' girl...?

This is not a well-written post, so I'll just continue rambling...

I actually wish the Andre Iguodala would've won the dunk comp, 'cuz then the fact that people will only remember Nate Robinson becomes that much more glorious.

I wish he hadn't taken 20 attempts, but Nate REPRESENTED for the average height cats - REPRESENTED I SAY!!!

How strange is it to think that Steve Francis was an All-Star and a dunk finalist (and I say one can make a strong case for him to have won) to now being only of interest as trade bait...

I HATE watching the mouth animation on the Boondocks.

After being up by 20, the West is now down by 10. So much for the domination of the big West...

I just tried to switch to the Boondocks during an All-Star commercial break. Then Riley "spoke". A channel change was necessary...

I can't stand Kobe, but he just spilt two defenders with a ridiculous back-to-front through-the-legs dribble.

McGrady can't get a clean shot off, no foul called, end of game.

I went to close my roommate's window the other day and saw that he had in his DVD collection Boat Trip (@@%!??!$?#!@!!). Disappointing. Quite.

I'm gonna watch Be Cool now.

Maybe later I'll practice rollerblading in the living room.


  1. boat that's funny! let's give him the benefit of the doubt and say that it was a gift from someone.

    boondocks sux!

  2. it was just like a phone conversation :-)


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