Thursday, February 09, 2006

Reviews? Reviews You Say?

Fine, here...

These two were a couple of the best written, so say I :

St. Louis Post-Discpatch (st. loo's biggest paper)
Riverfront Times (St. Loo's free, "alternative", "liberal" paper)

These two were by the same guy :
KWMU 90.7 (<-anybody else think dude found a really judicious way to say that he yawned at me?) I like the quote about the final scene in this one: KDHX

This guy calls us "outstanding" yet still manages to make the production sound not-exactly-worth-seeing :

This one contains the first and last ever reference to me as "a big muscular man" : St. Louis American. I like the compliments, but I wish they could've been wrapped in an article that was more... shall we say... objective?

This one, to me is good example of a review by someone who obviously liked what he saw, yet manages to give a constructive critique of the play. There is a difference between stating likes/dislikes of something and critiquing it (though, of course, I can't tell you what the difference is...) :


  1. Goodness! What a way to make my heart swell with pride. :-) You go boy (with your big muscular man self -- ha, it wasn't the last!)

  2. K. Knighten7:11 PM

    I always knew you had muscles. where were you hiding them?! i think the sista wanted to "get to know you" a lil better. damn, pimpin really is easy i see.
    Congrats homey!


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