Thursday, February 09, 2006

I should be looking at lines...

... so that must mean now would be a great time to make a blog entry.

Random thoughts about the past month.5 and coming back:

There was actually something nice about driving back onto the island, coming into the house... When I came in the door there was this comforting clean smell. The roomie was sleep and the little white dude is at his grandparents'. I went into the bathroom and one of my towels was hanging, waiting for me. When I came in the room and sat down at my computer, it felt right to see the desktop on my monitor. It was warm in a not-referring-to-temp felt "right". I went to the Yellowman website and looked at the production photos, which I'd done many times on the laptop I took with me (good looking out, Roomie). They felt special for the first time seeing them on my big ol' CRT screen.

At some point between the last show Sunday night and leaving Tuesday morning, the significance of what I'd been apart of began to materialize for me. I don't know I'll do it again, I don't know that I won't. I'm somewhat concerned that, with Yellowman, I've gotten a chance to do a lot of what I've wanted to do/try. I've done it, so now what's my motivation for continuing?

I'm concerned that I am still primarily negatively motivated. I don't really start trying until somebody pisses me off (so does this mean I should be in the habit of finding something at which to be pissed off.

Though this was an unusual case, theatre still takes a lot of time and lot of yourself - and the money you get generally doesn't justify the effort (not when compared to TV money anyway).


It's funny how you can go 3 years without seeing somebody, laff with them for 30 minutes at things that only those raised by the same type of crazy people who raised you can laff, realize that you are irrefutably, incurably connected to these folk due to the effort of said crazy people, then miss them 2.5 minutes after they leave.

With Mrs. Coretta Scott-King's passing, has an era finally ended?

Am I the only one annoyed that Bill Clinton thought it was ok for him to call her by just her first name?

If you're ever planning a road trip and see that you need to cross through Ohio, don't. Re-plan the route. If there is no other possible route (and building an underground tunnel should not be discounted as an option), mind those speed limits. Ohio Highway Patrol is a mite adamant about enforcing the speed limit. Even the truckers were respecting their 55/60 limits. The highest speed limit in OH is 65 - remember it. Be particularly wary from Dayton to Indiana. Those cops have no qualms about profiling you. Ohio - our main industry is raising your auto insurance rates...

If you ever come to NYC and want to make small talk, lead with a negative, not a positive. For instance if you want to say that you’re glad it’s sunny, lead by saying how much you’ve hated that it’s been overcast the rest of the week, then work your way back to the present day’s sunshine. However, don’t praise the presence of clear skies, merely reflect on your uncertainty of course had the weather not changed. The most basic example being: “I don’t know what I’d’ve done if the sun hadn’t’ve finally come out,” (double contractions not necessary, but nice if they can be used – practice first).

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