Tuesday, February 14, 2006


While I was in St. Louis, I lapsed into some fairly bad eating habits, not that I was perfect before, but I did get in the habit of partaking of fried food, fast food, etc. (although the major portion of that was due to me trying to make up for two years without a reliable supply of catfish).

One thing that I began to give into is the late night urge for burgers/fries -purely psychological, vastly illogical, and directly and completely related to the domestic gastro-industrial complex. One night I took advantage of being in the Midwest and checked out a Hardee's Thickburger. I didn't go completely mad and try that 3-patty bastard, though - just a double with no cheese. It was certainly better than that which is available at McDonald's (which had given me a slight digestion-al disturbance some days earlier). Not having gone completely crazy, I took one of the patties off (and ate it about 30 mins after I finished the burger).

Now I'm back in NYC and I've basically not moved strenuously since I've been here - save shoveling the truck out of the two feet of snow that just fell. I'd started getting in the habit of some kind of exercising while in St. Loo, but that left after we got into tech and I was more tired than an 18-wheeler pulling a load of dualies.

Now JK just put a comment on the previous post about Jay Dee from Slum Village passing away. I searched and found that he succumbed to kidney failure. This story refers to an episode he suffered through last year. It quotes about him saying that it was the result of him not eating well while abroad....

And I could babble on (and this is quite incoherent)...

I will, instead, present a thesis:

Take care of your/our/my selves. We all we got.


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