Monday, September 26, 2005

The price of late-night online classified scouring

I am currently at work

In the Bronx

I've been here since 8a

Which means I left on the boat by 6:20a

Which means I've been up since roughly 5a

Which means my alarm was going off since 4:30a.

I have a show to do tonight...

Why is it only 2:30p...

E-mail be damned, the first thing

I'm going to do when

I get home tonight

At (very optimistically) 11:30p

Will be to collapse atop whatever is

Currently strewn across my bed

Without even so much as

A cup of pink cashmere.



  1. first, prince makes a song about it. now, you are drinking it.

    besides, who are you fooling? you never get any sleep!

  2. Anonymous10:35 PM

    heehee....u said gasface!


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