Sunday, September 25, 2005

No, really tell me to stop looking at bikes on Craigslist

While looking around, I found this: It's basically what I'm looking for, and it's in a price range that, at least in the immediate future, I can afford.

I really need someone to remind me that I'm supposed to be saving money to join SAG/take VO lessons. Oh, yeah. There's also that shool loan thing.

And they really need to be quick, because I'm coming up with some REALLY good rationale focusing on how much sense it makes to buy the bike now that the riding season as over so I have plenty of time to register it and get licensed before Spring.

I SO need 2 or 3 $20K commercials.

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  1. um yeah. don't get the bike, riding season is almost over so you don't know what will be available in the spring. Plus, you are supposed to be saving money for other things more important to your career and those things (especially joining SAG) may help you make more money and be able to buy a nicer bike later (and a cute helmet).


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