Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Hip-Hop Honors

I just watched the Kane performance from VH-1's little shindig. Save for TI's little contribution, it was pretty hype (yeah, I took the slang back). TI was ok, Common was out of breath - although the windmill at the end saved it, and Black Thought was on point to the point of being priceless. Then Kane came out and did it all including the dance moves. Hot like fiyah.

Did I mention I was in a lobby last week and Common walked in?


  1. big daddy kane was righteous like a kosher pickle!

    by the looks of those moves he pulled off without needing a paramedic, he could still be my "big daddy."

    LONG LIVE THE KANE!!!!!!!!

    yeah...i said it!

  2. thanks for keeping my blog alive! : )


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