Friday, September 02, 2005

Helping in the networked age

I see many people are posting room/donation/offers to call relatives on Craigslist. I don't really see how that's going to get to the people who can use them, but I guess the one's that got out early might be able to use it.

Somebody mentioned that it was important that the media not just focus on the NO refugees, but hte other places in the Gulf Coast as well. True. And I bet the networks were clamoring for bragging rights to being the first network to focus on the "other" victims.

As much as I preferred CNN's coverage, the "Hurricane Headquarters" thing was corny to say the least.

For this past four years, controllers of American might, claiming to be led by God, have worked to protect us from damage on this scale perpetrated by those who claim to act on behalf of God, and the destruction instead ended up coming from --- God.

I tend to not think of hurricane Katrina as catastrophe. It's a hurricane. They happen. Sun happens. Dirt happens. It's natural process.

What IS a catastrophe, is the woeful job that public officials have done in preparing people for the inevitability of such a powerful hurricane in a urban area and the grindingly slow reaction of our federal government in rendering aid.

I thought that THIS is what FEMA was for?

Well, we've certainly learned a lesson. Yet again, we should thank a poor Black mass for acting as the control in a biological experiment. Our Tuskeegee Experiment forefathers would be proud.

Why the hell was every news channel referring to the first bus that made it to the Astrodome as a "Renegade" Bus. This was a group of people who were told by members of the NOPD to take the bus and make their way to Houston. It was strangely enough, populated by people brown faces. Hmmm....

We learn a lesson in storm preparedness AND we get to revist the topic of "race" in the media? A windfall. A windfall indeed.

(end of indignant sarcasm section)

As more people are moved into organized shelters, the use/need for volunteers seems as though it will increase, so those of us who've felt helpless through this may soon have a chance to do something other than wax endlessly on the internet. (Oh, wait....)

I'm still trying to figure out if my desire to be back in the South right now has more to do with the survivors or me. That I wanted so to go down there when I knew another mouth to feed would would just be piling on has left me feeling selfish more than once. I don't just want to be down there, I want to be down there NOW. When I think about finishing the show in October and going straight down then, I feel like, "what's the point? All the action will already be over,".
I remember a similar sensation when Houston flooded in 2001. I guess it's got something to do with feeling like I should be witnessing this firsthand since these are places I have a connection to.
Did I mention that I'm not contractually obligated to finish this show? I can leave anytime. If only the whole cast/crew was from Louisiana. I'm sure we would've voted to tank it by now.

It just occured to me: where will the Bayou Classic be played now?

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