Monday, October 04, 2010

Within the past hour,

I have wondered if acting should exist for me as a form of exercise; choose something else as a vocation.

To have all this passion, yet nothing I feel passionately about to want to do seems strange.


I wonder why I wasn't born in one of this places where I'd be too busy just trying to survive for any of this to matter.

Or, maybe, the challenge for me is to decide to go.

I really don't want to hear any more about my potential.
Not because of embarrassment or guilt;
it just doesn't help me use it.

I know my potential.
I know people glow when I pass them.
I know I am the walking endowment of the singularity called the Big Bang,
I know I contain the explosion that created the universe.

I am beginning to try to own what I can bring,
still wondering,
what to do with it,

(before it's too late?)

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